The ancients knew the secrets of levitation

Across the globe scattered huge stone structures, the mystery of the construction of which is still unknown to modern science. A distinctive feature of all the megaliths is that they are built of very heavy stone blocks.
The answer to the natural question: why did the ancient builders used a huge, and not small stones, like, say, modern bricks obvious — the creators of the megaliths were all the same, from which to build their giant structures.
The megaliths of the past Particularly impressed by the Arab historian made the pyramids of Egypt. He was interested in the process of their construction, and left a curious description. At first, he wrote Almasudi under a huge rock planted on a "magic papyrus". Once the stone touched a metal rod, he broke away from the ground and the air moved along the stone-paved and fenced with metal poles of the road. After flying about 50 meters, the unit fell to the ground. Such flights were repeated for as long as the stone is held right place. Given that the pyramids were built over three thousand years before the birth of Almasudi, logical question: how did he know these details? Do they have come to it from the Egyptians, who passed them on from generation to generation, or the story is the product of an overactive imagination of a medieval scholar who, like many now believed that the construction of the pyramids was not possible to do by conventional means?
Egyptian pyramids — not only megaliths on the planet. At the base of the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek (Lebanon) are the three largest stone ever used by man. Each of them weighs no less than a thousand tons! No modern superkranov not with standing to raise these lumps, not to mention the fact to put them next to each other. And with such precision that the joints can not even stick a needle. Not far from the temple at the quarry is still a big lump. Hazhar el Hibla, Stone pregnant woman who weighs 1,200 tons! Scientists have calculated that in order to move this rectangular block of space with just a millimeter, it would take at least 16,000 people.
Tiahuanaco on the Bolivian plateau at an altitude of almost four thousand meters above sea level is Puertadelsol or Sun Gate. How did the Indians raised to such heights these giant gate decorated with rich carvings and weighing 10 tons, is still beyond disgusting. Nan Madol ("that which lies between the" in Micronesia) is sometimes referred to as Machu Picchu Pacific Ocean. We are talking about the ruins of the ancient city, built on the Micronesian island of Ponape about two hundred years before our era of huge stone columns six meter lengths in diameter, they were more than a meter and weighed 2.5 tons. The ancient builders laid them on top of each other, like logs, and built the wall height of 12 meters and a thickness of 5.5 meters.Acoustic construction The most common is still considered a theory that the megaliths were built tens of thousands of slaves with the help of simple tools and their muscular strength. Nevertheless, almost all nations, whose ancestors were building the giant structures, there are legends about how they were moving huge stones with acoustics. This is a wonderful song and touch the magic wand or a metal rod, which arose as a result of the acoustic vibrations, and pipe, and gongs, and lyres and cymbals, and even whistles. In his book "Bridge to Eternity" Katie Bruce recounts the amazing story, read in a German magazine and talks about how the Tibetan monks 'meta' in the air heavy rocks. In the ancient legends of the Tibetan people can often find such wonders, but the first and it looks like the last (at least for now) a European who saw it with my own eyes, was in 1939, Swedish professor Jarl.
High in the Himalayas in the vicinity of the monastery is a gently sloping meadow, surrounded on all sides by almost vertical rock mi. On one of the rocks at an altitude of about 250 meters before the entrance of the cave there is a stone ledge-based platform on which you can get only from the top of the cliff on a rope.
Jarl saw the monks erect on this ledge of a wall of huge stone blocks of rectangular tube howling five-foot width and length. In the meadow, about 250 meters from the cliff ledge, was a huge stone polished to a shine. In its center there was a bowl-like hollow meter diameter and 15-cm depth. The monks were driving up on yaks blocks and stacked them sharply over this recess. At a distance of exactly 63 meters from the stone were set 19 musical instruments: drums 13 and 6 pipes. They formed a circle in the center of which was a stone with a groove.
Nearly every instrument were not many as a dozen monks. Once a rectangular block of occupied position, the monk, who was on duty near the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The sound of the drum was so sharp and shrill. that it can be easily heard in the din produced by other drums and trumpets. Some monks played on pipes and banged drums, gradually increasing the volume and rhythm, others read chanted prayers. After about four minutes, when crashing, according to Jarl. became absolutely unbearable, a lump began to rock from side to side, then suddenly rose into the air, and by the second gathering speed toward the ledge platform in front of the entrance to the cave. All rise blocks took about three minutes. In this way, the monks hour raised to a height of 250 meters five or six huge stone blokov.Zhalko that the ancient secrets of levitation, if they knew, of course, our ancestors, now lost. However, there is reason to believe that if they are lost, it is not forever.Secrets of Coral CastleSome people believe that a real man should be in your life to do three main things: build a house, plant a tree and have a son. In this case, Edward Lidskalninsha can be considered a superman because he built with his own hands is not just a house, and the whole castle. And so durable that it was powerless to even the famous Hurricane Andrew devastated neighborhood in 1992.
Edvard.Lidskalninsh was born August 10, 1887 in the village of Stramerins near Riga. He was madly in love with Agnes Skaffs. In 1913, just one day before the celebration, Agnes called off the wedding because of his or her age (she was 10 years younger) and bednosti.Serdtse lover was broken. He went overseas. The first five years, Edward has worked in a lumber mill in Canada. Contracted tuberculosis, he decided to move on yug.V 1918 Edward Lidskalninsh bought for 12 dolllarov acre of land a few kilometers from the town of Florida City, and in the 24th began his life's work. Without outside help, and virtually without any kind of construction machinery, he built a huge complex of buildings, which the park is named "Rock Gate." Now called the Coral Castle, because everything in it is made of coral.
In 1936, when the construction of the castle was almost over, the Latvian learned that city officials allowed the construction of new buildings in the immediate vicinity of his home. Obsessed with privacy, Edward decides to … relocate. He buys a plot of land of 10 acres in the vicinity of the town of Homestead, parses its castle, within three years carries his Diksihayveyu and the new location collects his snova.Vo the journey is the only time Edward took advantage of the help. Coral boulders transported by tractor on a special platform, delivered on a skid. Tractor came to 9 am, when the cargo was ready. He was carrying a coral blocks by 10 miles (16 kilometers) and went to dinner, and when he returned, the platform has already been unloaded!
To build this amazing structure took more than a thousand tons of coral, another 100 tons needed for the manufacture of furniture, sculpture and jewelry. The hardest boulder, a giant crescent, weighs about 35 tons, some stones in size and weight at least twice as large as bould
ers, of which the pyramid is made Heopsa.Korallovy castle surrounded by a wall height of 2.5 meters. It is built of coral blocks 2.5 m, a width of 1.6 m and a thickness of 1 m Each "brick" weighs about 5.5 tons.
Gates, weighing 9 tons, fitted with such precision that they can easily open with one finger, even a child. In order to remove the gate, took a powerful crane and several dozen workers. When they were removed, it became clear that they were attached to a rusty suspension of the truck, which immediately fell apart from old age. Hang on the gates had to place with experienced engineers and the latest computer technology.


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