The attack on the Chechen parliament — a threat to the Kremlins puppet (Christian Science Monitor, USA)

Big attack militants in the Chechen parliament raises doubts about the boastful statements Kremlin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov that he found peace in Chechnya.

The fierce attack in broad day at the parliament of Chechnya not only led to the death of at least 7 man. It has denied the Kremlin claims that in this war-torn country under the effective control of a strong favorite of the pro-Moscow Kadyrov restored peace and order.

Russian news agencies said on Tuesday afternoon at the parliament building in harsh leaked from 3 to 6 militants, who have put their own car among car deputies arrived for work. One of the attackers blew himself up near the entrance to the building, while others have leaked inside, where they were able to destroy at least 2-Chechen security service officials and assistant deputy. Responsibility for the attacks did not take over until no group.

The state news agency RIA Announces said that the attackers reached the fourth floor of the Parliament, before they were "eliminated" by security. The attack came just in time for the official visit to Chechnya, Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev which appealed to lawmakers with a speech soon after the end of the operation to destroy the attackers.

"We will not allow anyone to come to us with a sword — said Nurgaliyev Chechen deputies shocked — they should know that by this sword will perish."

Just two months to reverse the group completed suicide attack on Kadyrov's native village of Tsentoroi, killing 10 people. This attack was a dark reminder to Kadyrov that his frequent statements on the Elimination of Islamist and separatist underground in Chechnya in advance.

"This indicates that the resistance lasts, it is amplified, — says Alexei Malashenko of the Metropolitan Carnegie Center — Kadyrov insists he is in control of the situation, that he returned the stability and security, but these actions have shown the absurdity of such statements."

From Nationalism to Jihad

For the Kremlin, which has counted on Kadyrov and do not seem prepared no contingency plan for peace in Chechnya, is a very severe problem. Our home for the past 20 years, twice led the ruthless war in Chechnya to inhibit the separatist resistance, which cost her about 200,000 lives.

Although the Russian security forces in the main successfully eliminated An old generation of Chechen separatist fighters, their ranks now made up brand new galaxy of young rebels, whose main motive for the fight is no longer Chechen nationalism, and the idea of pan-Islamism. The insurgency run across the border of Chechnya and took possession of a number of adjacent, the main Muslim republics.

But Kadyrov, who was put in charge of the republic after the 2004 at the stadium in the end a beautiful explosion of the death of his father, was able to perform the "Chechenization" of the conflict. He headed for certain success in rebuilding war-torn Chechen cities (for facilities in Moscow), and in the reconciliation of the population, using the techniques of police terror and selective amnesty for former rebels. But experts point out that they have any extra ambition, and he is become more of a burden than an assistant to the Kremlin's own sponsors.

"In the past year, Kadyrov claimed that Chechnya e-then the best example for all the republics of the region — says the director of the Moscow Center for Political self-contained disk imaging Alexei Mukhin, — he began to call himself a 'young dad own civilization' and began to brag in front of the Kremlin, which holds the control 'every square inch' of the Chechen countryside. [Past President and current Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin, who was a major backer of Kadyrov, starts to get tired of it. "

There are also signs that can resume the export of terrorism from the troubled North Caucasus in the central regions of Russia. Over the past decade as a result of terrorist attacks there killed more than a thousand Russians. In March, there was a double attack in the Moscow metro that killed at least forty people, and in May, the terrorists killed six people near the building of the theater in the Russian town of Stavropol.

Killing observers

The details of life in Chechnya under Kadyrov clear slightly, as there was a huge number of killed journalists and human rights activists who were trying to work in the country. This shows how great a threat to those who ask a lot of questions. Chairman naikrupneyshey in Russia human rights organization "Memorial" Oleg Orlov calls Chechnya a "totalitarian dark hole" where there is not even the most basic human rights enjoyed by the Russians in other regions.

"Those methods that are used to" control "the situation in Chechnya, unacceptable to many people — says Orlov — the Chechen population [under Kadyrov] no legitimate channels to express discontent. No free press, no free elections, and even the discussion of policy issues is not safe to live. This is a totalitarian regime in which people have to read, to act and even dress because they are ordered to power. The only plausible method to express their discontent — is to join the ranks of the underground resistance, and it is, of course, feeds terrorism. "

But despite the increasingly numerous indications that the main task Kadyrov — To stabilize the situation in Chechnya — is not successful, they say experts, it is unlikely that the Kremlin will send him into retirement.

"Even if Russian authorities wanted to change, no nominations no longer exists, — says deputy director of the self-contained Capital Center for Political Technologies Alexei Makarkin — in Chechnya's no one left, only grouping Kadyrov. Kremlin made it relied on him, and now it has become hostage. "

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