The case of Ivan Kruk will review another judge

This decision was adopted Regional Court. According to the decision of the district court Ostrovetsky UCP Kruk was punished by a fine of 1 million 50 thousand for allegedly defaming the deputy chairman of the executive committee Mikhail Zimnitsky.

During the election campaign for local councils Kruk written complaint to the prosecutor's office and the Regional Electoral Commission, which testified that the deputy chairman of the executive committee Zimnitsky, who was deputy chairman of the district election commission, fabricated petitions so as to not register Crook candidate.

In particular Crook argued that Michael Zimnitsky to come back home to one of the voters, which forced under threat of problems at work to sign a document stating that he did not put their signatures for nomination Crook candidate.

The district court examining the case, did not even deign to listen to its meeting key witness who could testify himself about what he put his signature for the Crook. Was not carried out and the examination of signatures, which is considered a forgery.

Today, opposition leader in the regional court cited a complaint voter Mackiewicz to the Prosecutor General, as well as to the regional court, in which he declares that the signature for the Crook set, and threatened Zimnitsky problems at work really made him sign a paper where it was suggested, that he did not sign up for Ivan Kruk.

Today, Crook and the letter quoted a witness who confirms that she saw Mackiewicz put his signature for the nomination Crook candidate.

Back in provincial court today quoted sheet 30 citizens Ostrovetsky district to consider the matter objectively Crook, as people know it's a decent man, whom put their signatures on the nomination of its candidate for the District Council.

The judge of the regional court Edward Drut overturned the decision Ostrovetsky District Court and sent the case back for reconsideration by another judge. Kruk told us that this decision is a half-hearted and at the district level, local authorities will again influence the witnesses and the court.


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