The death of carp in the Tula region

Environmentalists have laboratory evidence upon discharge of effluents into the river Kamesha. According to the analysis, hazardous substances exceed the permissible objects fishery regulations in the tens and hundreds of times.

Quantities in excess of the dry residue of 1.85 times, sulfate 2.9 times for lead at 8.33 times, 20 times the copper, and zinc in 14 times, 724 times in the ammonium, nitrite by 2.5 times .

This concentration of substances led to the death of almost all aquatic creatures, reported IA "TSN" environmental organization "Green Patrol".

Thus, zinc sulfate causes acute poisoning (5 days) of carp. The concentration of zinc ions lethal to young carp and stickleback in 0.5 mg Zn / l, and for bluegill in the amount of 3.2 mg Zn / l. Chronic poisoning of carp fry begins at 0.1 — 0.3 mg / L at 60 — 80 days. This periodic table and is contained in the river Kamesha Tula region.

Recall, the area around the town of Central, according to the reports of environmental organizations, risks becoming a stinking hole.

From residents of the village five five-year plan continue to come complaints, including our editors. Suffocating odor does not allow people to remain long on the street.

A survey of environmental "Green Patrol" found the discharge of waste water into the river Kamesha (tributary of the Shatt). According to them, the fact that the river turned into slop, sewage treatment plants are to blame LLC "Lardy" not authorized to discharge waste water into the river.

-Water analysis for these chemical indicators showed that the territory is a direct threat to health and epidemiology, as sewage is getting into surface and underground water. In addition, the damaged water body from exposure to raw sewage, not subjected to sanitation, according to an inspection report environmental organization.

Massive fish kills became a common feature throughout the world. Fish die even sources from which enters the potable water. This water becomes dangerous epidemiological situation escalates. Remain relatively clean groundwater. That they need to get well on the water cost is the correct choice of location may be low, but will not depend on questionable sources of water and be able to produce clean drinking water on their own, which is very important for survival.

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