The death of the Irtysh floodplain



Pavlodar 11.06.12.Sanitarnye doctors are forced to return to Astana millions tenge allocated to the fight against blood-sucking insects.

No one with whom to fight! Irtysh floodplain lakes have dried up all of them, and the mosquitoes have nowhere to postpone larvae. As the fish spawn.

Left without food for the winter and cattle, villagers complain. Disrupted navigation on the river, echo boatman. And the reason is the same: the first time in 30 years was undrowned Irtysh floodplain, the river did not come out of their coasts. Instead of 5 billion cubic meters of water power of the East Kazakhstan region dropped from the Irtysh cascade reservoirs only about 1 billion

— Spawning fish have ended up frustrated — I have to state Pavlodar scientist Alexander Ubaskin ichthyologist. — And in the Irtysh already few fish left.

— Floodplain meadows — the main food supply of our villagers, — says the head of the regional department of natural resources and environmental management Nurlan Nabiyev. — While in the desert today was a drought, it will be a disaster for the producers.

— Due to low water releases have been disrupted navigation season on the Irtysh — adds the chairman of the board of directors of JSC "Pavlodar river port" Rope Syzdykov. — For normal navigation depth of the river should be at least 1.8 meters, and we have in some places and not reaching 1.5 m.

The hosts explain the low hydro Shulbinskaya releases snowy winter, which is why in the same reservoir was too little water. In Pavlodar did not believe it and wrote a letter to prosecutors and gosekologam a request to deal with power companies operating in the environmental damage in the region. Treatment went to Astana: the government, the Majilis, the Senate.

At the local level environmental officials have even developed a special "Action Plan for the Conservation of the Nature Reserve" Irtysh river valley for the period 2012-2015. " Planned and reseeding grass meadows spending, and "Green Patrol" to organize. A lot more then the other, of course, made a useful and necessary to the plan, but, as correctly noted deputy akim of Nurzhan Ashimbetov not about that right now you need to think and decide something with water releases.

The last time the Irtysh floodplain provided undrowned 30 years ago. Once for a period of time, like it is no big deal. The only trouble is that the last 20 years with the releases to the Irtysh reservoirs of East Kazakhstan are extremely irregular. Environmentalists hard even to remember the last time I filled floodplain provided by 100%.

— Understand — this river valley, periodically flooded with water. And the area that is not constantly filled, degraded, — says Alexander Ubaskin.

Out of this situation, some experts see in the completion Shulbinsky reservoir, which was not completed in the Soviet times. Then, after the melting of heavy snow will be possible not to throw up all the water at once, and hold on to it until winters with little snow.

— That we are not dependent on the nature — says Nurzhan Ashimbetov.

To this we may add, and not to depend on the Chinese, who are increasing every year intake in the upper Irtysh. It is clear that the completion of the reservoir will require huge funds. But if you disappear floodplain, independent environmentalists claim will disappear and he Pavlodar. Ecological balance is disrupted so that the people will not be able to live here. And what if all these FIIRichnye projects now actively promoted in the region?

Text: Sergey Romanovsky

Source: Megalopolis

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