The death toll due to rains in Central America, has exceeded one hundred

The number of victims of floods and landslides in Central America caused by heavy rains, reached 103 people. On Wednesday, October 19, according to Associated Press. Seven people were reported missing.
Most of all deaths registered in Guatemala — 38. In El Salvador, victims of disaster were 32 people in Honduras, -15, in Nicaragua — 13, and in Costa Rica — 5.

Heavy rains in Central America began more than a week ago. According to UN estimates, which leads BBC News, elements have been affected more than 100,000 people. The region is part of the flooded roads, bridges destroyed, thousands of people were left homeless.

In addition, due to heavy rains overflowed the largest Salvador Lempa River and Rio Grande de San Miguel and flooded large areas of agricultural areas.

In Nicaragua, the experts are of particular concern raised the level of water in Lake Managua, on the southwest coast of which is the capital of the same name. The regional authorities have prepared a shelter for 600 families living closest to the lake.

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