The deputies will gather, not for the election?


Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik today said the "freedom" that the deputies in the preparation of electoral issues are usually referring to the CEC for advice. However, while requests from them have been reported:

Nikolai Lozovik

"Under the law, the adoption of the decision of the House of Representatives to hold presidential elections before the elections should take three months. If we assume that at the date of the election Feb. 6, 2011, you can count on it for three months. Meanwhile, what plans the leadership of the House, among the deputies themselves, we do not know. "

Nikolai Lozovik also said that the CEC has already started preparations for the elections of the head of state:

"All which can be produced without a specific date, we have almost done. And as soon as the elections are announced, we will be able to actively participate in the electoral process. "

However, the law allows deputies to set a date for the elections tomorrow. Suffice it to one of the deputies propose to include in the agenda this issue, and if it is supported by other colleagues, the House will have to address this problem.

Members of the House explain the holding of an extraordinary session of the orders of Alexander Lukashenko expressed in the annual address. Like, they can not do without the adoption of new laws. First of all, it projects the national budget and the social security fund for 2011, amendments to the Tax and Budget Codes.

So, the deputy Maria Biryukov focuses on the consequences of the global financial crisis:

"Our legislation must more flexible. It must be more responsive to these challenges. "

But most economists are wondering what the price of foreign energy incorporated in the draft budget for 2011. Today, about journalists asked the Minister of Finance Andrei Kharkavets said, speaking at an enlarged meeting of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Tax Policy. However, the minister did not give specific figures. He referred to the fact that the negotiations on the prices of energy resources "are still in the initial stage."



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