The election campaign of opposition candidates

For about a dozen opposition politicians declared their intention to run for president. Who first of all they sent their message across? What message does offer the Belarusian electorate, or it falls into the focus of public expectations?

Members: political scientists Vladimir Podgol and
Yuri Chausov.

Who primarily direct their message of the candidates?

Valery Karbalevich: "The presidential candidates give a lot of interviews to foreign media. Why a lot of attention is paid to the geapalitychnaga vector Belarus, for example, the emphasis on Milinkevich praevrapeyskasts What does this mean? Whom the message is addressed to them?"

Presenter: "They are addressed to all. I would not say that they are giving interviews to foreign media only. Fact that Belarus has its media not. 'Cause give interviews to those who take them. But again there is a rational sense. After the interview, Printed in the influential foreign newspaper, immediately gets translated into Belarusian sites becomes known. "

Yuri Chausov

Yuri Chausov: "Indeed, the national media is not so much. And even those that are suffering from self-censorship. Example, a resource" "really think twice before giving the floor to alternative points of view, or an opposition presidential candidate.

On the other hand, the fact that you are using mostly foreign news sites, affects the positioning of these candidates. Sannikov, Romanchuk even blogs are on the Russian media platforms. Subject there focused primarily on the issue of relations with Russia. So do not think that many candidates will benefit from such tactics. It makes them sensitive to criticism from those who say the opposition as agents of foreign influence. "

Message from the Belarusian electorate

Karbalevich: "What message does offer the Belarusian electorate? What is the topic of elections, opposition candidates offer?"

Podgol: "First of all, the question of identity: who I am. Romanchuk first took place in the Polish media. They wrote that the pole goes against Lukashenko. Then Romanchuk in the Russian media said that the Russians I have a lot more relationships than with the Poles. Nekljaev says : I love Russia, because my father was Russian.'s his dominant.


Now, about the programs. Romanchuk presents a program of "millions of jobs." Milinkevich offers voters to participate in the development of its program. Others offer a more specific topic. Sannikov focuses on missing politicians.

Interesting tactic Lukashenko. Nekljaev with the campaign "Tell the Truth" began with the fact that the leaflets offered to citizens to write the president about his problem. Lukashenka's team caught the idea. Now being the third monitoring the work of local authorities with the public. He directed the officials in the regions that they have listened to citizens' problems and help them as much as possible. "

"According to the theory of Political Technologies, a candidate must in the eyes of the voters to be associated with a specific topic.'s In 1994, Lukashenko atayasamlivavsya with the idea of fighting corruption. Possible to watch something like that now?"

Podgol: "It is possible. Sannikov identified with the subject of the investigation into the missing politicians. Romanchuk says that he is the only economist among the candidates. Milinkevich presents itself as a leader probelorusskih and pro-European forces in Belarus. But there is a vague images. Example, Nekljaev and his company."

Karbalevich"How is it slurred. From the title of the" Tell the Truth "implies the idea of truth."

Podgol: "This is a very abstract idea."

Karbalevich: "And why the idea of the campaign should be specific? BCD Rymashevski candidate's emphasis on morality."

Do you have the main idea of the candidates?

Podgol: "There is another problem. All these images to the people not to come down and reach for the campaign? After all, they do not have access to the mass media."

Chausov: "First, the company has not yet begun and early to draw conclusions. I think the election will be an important subject matter of geopolitical orientation. If no single candidate ordinary voter will seek to find out what distinguishes one candidate from another. And the thesis of" And I for truth, "work will not.

By the way part of the branding campaign "Tell the Truth" — a blueprint of Milinkevich's campaign in 2006, which was based on the idea of freedom. That is the idea that Lukashenko would not have to steal. Freedom, truth, justice — these are concepts that are the most trusted people.

The slogan "Tell the truth" would be good for a single candidate from the opposition. And in a situation where there will be many opposition candidates, they will come up with specific topics, the candidate with the idea of truth is ideologically vague. "

Karbalevich: "The idea of the truth, like the idea of freedom and justice can always be filled with concrete actions. This is a technological issue.

What awaits society?

Karbalevich: "Fall into a message of opposition presidential candidates in the focus of public expectations?'s Campaign" Tell the Truth "is not too affected society as seen polls NISEPI. Whether the emphasis on morality, which is offered by a candidate BCD Rymashevski?"

Here is the beginning of the BPF, and then froze the company to abolish duties on cars. If a candidate Kastusyou got the idea for the home, it would be a cool company. After all, it hurts the majority of Belarusians. Another idea I might suggest — it is a question of the Chernobyl disaster. "

"I think that the abolition of duties on cars as the main idea of the company — it's pretty shallow for the presidential election."

"First of all, the focus of public expectations is not taken out of thin air, but is formed by the media and other factors. Theme geopolitical orientation will be important during the campaign, it will use all of the candidates, even Lukashenko. Program the way the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Kastusiou thesis contains the termination of automobile duties.

With regard to public expectations, they are with these choices are not related at all. People do not believe that with the election can make a difference. Therefore, the campaign of opposition candidates — a strategy of survival of certain opposition forces. "

Podgol: "Although there is no choice but clear message of opposition candidates form in the public mind the idea of an alternative. Here in Kyrgyzstan Bakiyev won the election, and then nine months later, his snake."

Chausov: "Among the opposition candidates is not naive, that would have believed that without access to the mass media can be obtained 50% of votes. They work to change the atmosphere in the society."

"They work as shovels
. They are not going to exploit, do not perform a miracle. And the result will be appropriate."

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