The European Commission wants to introduce a ban on cutting the fins from live sharks

Shark © / volkBRUSSELS, November 22 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. European Commission proposed a ban on abuse caught when European fishermen cut the fins from live sharks, told RIA Novosti the highest executive organ EU.

He called a "horrific custom" when marine predators cut off a body part and then thrown still alive into the sea.

Commission's proposal purports to protect shark populations, thirty of which are now under threat of extinction.

Shark fins are a delicacy and are in high demand in Asia, particularly in China, where they prepare the famous shark soup.

European Commission proposed a draft EU directive stipulates that all European fishing vessels engaged in commercial fishing in the territorial waters of the EU are required to ship to the shore with the shark carcass neotsechennymi fins.

If approved by the Council (of Ministers) of the EU and the European Parliament to ban first touches of Spanish and Portuguese, as well as British, French and German fishermen who are fishing for shark in the world's oceans, according to the agency.

The proposed ban would not apply to non-industrial fishing of sharks.

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