The exhibition Aviation Expo China 2011 Chinas unmanned helicopter demonstrated Z-5

The exhibition Aviation Expo China 2011 China's unmanned helicopter demonstrated Z-5

September 22, 2011, Aviation Explorer — Promising Chinese unmanned helicopter Z-5 for the first time presented at the 14th exhibition "Aviation Expo China 2011", held in the capital of China from September 21 to 24, ARMS-TASS reports.

Unmanned Helicopter created in the 60th Research Institute of the PLA, is a military aircraft and more than ever the public has not been demonstrated.

According to the Chinese stand workers, Z-5 is an air platform, as it can hover in the air, connects voedinyzhdy many promising technologies, like for example, a system of measurement and control, navigation system, sensors, cruise control, and picture transmission.

Helicopter may hang at a certain point the air venue for topographic measurements or research environment, or to conduct electronic countermeasures (ECM).

In plain areas such helicopter can be used for monitoring the earth's surface and earthquakes.

On the shield China Aerospace Science and Industry Company presented UAV with 2 guided missiles under the code WJ-600, which attracts a lot of attention of military professionals.

UAV WJ-600 integrates leading technologies of their own design control with cruise missiles and systems dynamics. It can carry two missiles at once. In his understanding of the functions implemented inspection and percussion skills. Velocity of the vehicle is 900 km / h Nearly invisible UAV configuration provided by the choice of "stealth" and the use of radar absorbing coatings glider.

Exhibition "Aviation Expo China" is held every two years since 1985, the first day or three, it is open only for experts, and on the last day of his own September 24 — for the general public.

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