The exhibition in the Land of the Rising Sun showed probable mock battle 4-foot robot

The exhibition in Japan showed a possible prototype combat robot 4-meterNovember 28 at the exhibition in the Land of the Rising Sun was presented mock battle 4-foot robot Kuratas more than 30 hydraulic joints and weighing 4.4 tons.

Moves the magic art on wheels, which concludes with four legs, and "feeds" — diesel. The highest rate of the bot — 10 km per hour.

Inside at Kuratas — the driver's seat, which controls the engine by means of touch screen and 2-joysticks responsible for movements of the hands of the unit. Also used the definition of mimicry, which is activated and "instrument". Boat is armed with 2 pistols and 2 rotary machine guns.

Made the bot inventors Kogoro Kurata and Wataru Yosidzaki. Opening the firm Suidobashi Heavy Industry, they decided to realize his dream and made its own first product — Kuratas.

The exhibition in Japan showed a possible prototype combat robot 4-meterBoat already entered the market at a cost of 1.25 million dollars. As they say the Japanese media, the company Suidobashi Heavy Industry has already received about 3,000 orders from around the world.

Boat Kuratas — fighter of the future, the product of the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry

Controlling the robot, the project is in Suidobashi worked since 2010, carried out by a system that developers dubbed Master-Slave. The cabin is located reduced model of the bot, which causes the movement of the limbs to move the appropriate limb of the true machine.

As an alternative means of control used a mobile app for your phone.

Moves boat on a four-platform, which is equipped with ordinary diesel petrol engine.

Robot control system comprises a target automatic capture, and this means that Kuratas may delay the target on sight, even if it moves.

In the middle of weapons bot — firing plastic charges Gatling gun and "grenade" from which emerge until the plastic water bottles.

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