The experience of the pilot regions to implement LED lighting spread to the whole of Ukraine

Ukrainian market of LED technology is developing rapidly, and the products that are Government recognized as a priority.
To support the industry in Ukraine approved the State target scientific and technical program "Development and implementation of energy-efficient LED lights and lighting systems based on them." The program, in particular, provides for the implementation of pilot projects to upgrade the lighting system using the latest energy efficient technologies, which include LED technology.

Now the pilot projects for the implementation of energy-saving LED light sources for street lighting are implemented in such a large and energy-intensive cities as Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Simferopol, Chernigov — there began to change street lights. It should be noted that 5 of the Kiev subway stations also went to St. itlodiody. New lamps are itnimy and 28 condominiums in Kharkov and Moscow.
Now the government is considering the introduction of an integrated project funding in 2013-2014 St. itlodiodnoi lighting technology in key areas of the slopes, in particular, says the highway Kyiv-Chernihiv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lugansk, Kiev-Chop, Kyiv-Odesa.
Experience n ilotnih cities already demonstrates the effectiveness of programs implemented energy-saving LED lights. Therefore, experts are examining a wide spread this practice to the whole territory of Ukraine.
Especially, the Government adopted a policy of import substitution, above all as regards energy saving
As the Chairman Vladimir Gosinformnauki Seminozhenko in Ukraine over the past two years have managed to establish mass production of St. itlodiodnih devices at six plants. Another 14 n idpriemstva provide production parts. Project for the production of domestic energy-efficient LED technology is also included in the recently adopted th erzhavnoi D programs promote economic development.
Thanks to these energy-saving production steps of St. itlodiodnoi technology in Ukraine over the past two years has increased three-fold.
It is expected that in 5-7 years the production of St. itlodiodnoi production in Ukraine will grow by more than 100 times. And that 70% of the market. By 2020, Ukraine should switch completely to St. itlodiodne lighting that will allow annual savings of more than 30 billion USD., Said President Vladimir Gosinformnauki Seminozhenko.
However, the economic effect of the lamps of the new generation is expected in the near future. St. itlodiodna extremely energy-efficient appliances: the power consumption of these devices is 8-10 times lower than in incandescent lamps, and the life — more than 50 thousand hours. This will significantly save on electricity. Thus, the savings in going to reduce energy costs by about 250 million USD. in 2014 and to 2 billion USD. in 2020 at a cost of electricity of 0.5 USD. per kilowatt / hour.
In addition, Ukraine has started "Center of testing and diagnostics of semiconductor St. itla sources and lighting systems based on them," equipped with advanced metrology equipment, which allows for comprehensive monitoring of parameters of LED lamps. Protect the market from low-quality counterfeit products also contributes to the activities of the "Association of manufacturers of LED technology." In turn, the realization of St. itlodiodnoi domestic production technology provides National Leasing Company "Ukrsvitlolizing", which aims to attract significant investment.
This work is ongoing. Upon instructions of the President of Ukraine developed a comprehensive program of energy-efficiency in the public sector and in the production, which, in particular, provides for widespread adoption of energy-saving St. itlodiodnih systems.

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