The faithful old woman stole a miraculous icon of the




Fearing that zakrovotochivshy face of Christ will take away from the rural churches, parishioners hid it from priests

Icon with the image of Christ in the village of Lower Trinity brought 17-year-old acolyte of Tobolsk diocese Vladislav.

He decided to give her aunt icon in Bashkiria. Standing for a few days in the house, the icon vdrugѕ zakrovotochila! Dark cherry drops stood out on his cheeks and hands of Christ. The icon was immediately moved to the village church. News of the miracle quickly spread through the region — in Nizhnetroitsky pilgrims flocked from all corners of Bashkiria.

By tradition, the icon zakrovotochivshuyu had to drive to Ufa — for examination diocesan Archbishop Nikon. But when Archpriest Vyacheslav, who so requested and honorable mission, came to Nizhnetroitsky behind the icon, the shrine was not there.

Grandmothers who take care of village churches, peacefully sipping tea. When asked where the same had happened to incarnate miracle icon, they told a detective story. According to them, the night came to the village of the unknown and an icon was stolen. But why all the locks on the doors and windows were intact, so they could not explain.

Icon set off in search of everything — from the head of the district to a policeman. Week searches did not get anywhere. Most valuable icon of going to announce to the All-Russia wanted, when he found out that she is again in the church.

After a brief examination of the same old women religious icons miracle phenomenon was explained quite simply: the icon stashed local parishioner. Woman feared that the shrine taken away in Ufa and will never return to Nizhnetroitsky and decided to save her. The holy fathers treated the misdemeanor grannies with understanding and a criminal case did not start.


Maria Nuykin. ("CP" — Ufa ").

June 29, 2004

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