The first few days at home

The first few days at home.  Photo from

So, a new member of your family has finally home! Proud dad met you with a child on the threshold of the hospital. Here he makes a solemn precious bundle home and … for some reason you stopped in a daze.

Despite the fact that the long nine months, you have been waiting for this moment, now for some reason have no idea what to do. Breastfeed? What if he did not have enough milk? Bathe? Or maybe even sooner? And scary at all — it is so small, fragile, helpless … What if something happens to him? ..

And most importantly, how to do everything — to engage the child, prepare, maintain home in decent form … and even wash?

Order in the house

It is important to clearly organize your life. Even if the rest of the space of the apartment will not be ideal order, you have to consider in detail how to arrange the corner where you'll spend most of the time with the baby. Pack of diapers, wipes, scissors, cotton swabs and sticks, pipettes and other small things always have to be at a certain place. Then you do not have at the crucial moment to waste precious minutes searching for the right things. Creams, ointments and other powders conveniently stored in a plastic bucket and empty mayonnaise. You can use a special shelf above the changing table. Just the same for your own peace of mind will not let it over his head lying baby, and the side somewhere.

An important point: if you use a chest of drawers with a hinged board, which turns into a changing table, do not put the most necessary items in the top drawer of the dresser. For some reason, this is where you want to decompose the many jars and bottles (apparently not to bend). But imagine that you have a folding table is a baby. Will you be able to get something out of the top drawer, even if it in the extended position to fully closed swaddling board? That's it …

To crib or can be attached to the table side a special container for the used diapers or wipes.

He's crying!

Crying, of course. After all, he has no other way to inform parents about their life's troubles. Often mothers complain that the baby in the hospital just ate and slept, and the house began to cry incessantly. The point, of course, not in the hospital. Just the first day or two after birth, children usually sleep off, after a hard physical labor (a job they really did a tremendous, there is, from what tired), and then gradually begin to adapt to a new world for themselves.

Each baby — my "language of crying," and very soon you will begin to understand that there is crying from hunger, pain, boredom, from the physical discomfort, all these different types of crying tone, pitch, volume, etc.

Some parents try as much as possible intense entertain baby while he is awake, then to, say, sleeping better. Be careful: the abundance of impressions kid can perevozbudilas, and the effect will be the opposite. Everything is good in moderation!

In schools for pregnant now there is such a service: call a technician to the newborn. He tells in detail and show how to deal with the baby, how to bathe and feed him, how to take care of the umbilical wound. In fact, some of these same tasks are the responsibility of health visitor, which should see you with your baby right after the hospital.

Time for yourself

In the hospital you were dreaming about that moment when you find yourself with a child, at last, at home. Here you lean over the baby crib, where lacy foam peacefully snuffle baby. Here you are, all dressed in white, slim, sublime and beautiful, like Leonardo's Madonna, feed him breast, and he contentedly slurping falls asleep in your arms again, and cometh to the cradle.

However, the house suddenly it turns out that in the crib, overgrown with ruffles and ribbons treasure refuses to sleep. It prefers her mother's arms and yelling at the slightest attempt to put it somewhere else.

We have a similar situation arose with her younger daughter. And at that point we really helped sling sling. When the girl was put there, she curled up cozy lump, and a familiar sound of my mother's heart immediately calmed down. And I have found both hands free. You could eat, read, talk on the phone even embroider. So, reading, food and hobbies while we found.

Now the dream. For you vitally important to get enough sleep. So shamelessly use every opportunity for this, sleep with the baby. All the other things can wait, but your lack of sleep will reduce the amount of milk fevered state (like you and Malyshkina), nervous atmosphere in the house.

Yes, those extra minutes on it to "clean the feathers themselves" cut out will be difficult. But still try to do it. If you have dreamed of all pregnancy that immediately after giving birth to their best fit skinny jeans, you will be disappointed: the former figure comes back to you is not immediately after birth. At the time set aside for sandals and high heels because heels give a very substantial load on the spine. So far — only comfortable, not squeezing clothing and shoes on a steady heel.

I myself?

Know what you are most fond of saying "okolopodezdnye" Grandma? The fact that the young mothers, they say, "with fat rage": stiralki-machines and theirs, and diapers for children, and they, you know, you still can not handle themselves. However, in reality, "handle themselves" just one. On closer examination it turns out that almost all the young moms somehow had help: even the most independent neighbor ran for groceries, girlfriend released a movie, and my grandmother took their children for the summer.

So do not blame yourself that you are lazy and incompetent. And, if you feel you are not coping with the home, get a helper. Incidentally, in this situation, if you are facing a dilemma: nanny or housekeeper, prefer the second option. Do the cleaning of the apartment is possible without your personal involvement, but for the crumbs you are irreplaceable.

Many visitors do not hesitate to give instructions: to bring something, cook, iron, clean (depending on the degree of closeness). Warn your friends and family, that from now on you are going to call them on the phone, if necessary, or just chat. It is noticed that the apartment where the baby came, telephone calls are usually distributed at the worst possible moment, when you feed crumbs, bathe him or lie down to sleep.

Milk and honey

Here is a curious thing. As the benefits of breastfeeding today no one doubts. And mums are enthusiastic and willing to perform all medical advice about this. But somehow pretty soon their enthusiasm fades away, and in a couple of months, the child is transferred to the mixture. But the fact is that the recommendations themselves fundamentally wrong.

Let's try to figure out how to learn to feed in the hospital and why it is wrong.

I remember in the hospital, where she was born, my older daughter, hung a poster Brave: The correct position for feeding. New mother sits primly on a chair. On the head — the scarf to the eyebrows, on the face — dressing like a scrub nurse. Thanks, at least a crack for the left eye. One foot is on the bench, making the whole silhouette a few doubles over. Nude chest fed infant in the capture of the "scissors" (peripapillary region pinched the index and middle fingers). Baby swaddled in a tight cocoon — move his arms and legs, while feeding does not seem necessary. Especially, to touch her mother's chest.

The poster is accompanied by a statement that tells before feeding to wash with soap and chest, and then wipe dry. Then, according to the instructions necessary to decant and pour the first 2-3 drops of milk, as they may be germs. Furthermore, "every child feeding should be applied to only one breast and monitor its complete emptying. The remaining milk to decant, which promotes the formation of more milk. At the end of feeding nipple to the newly flush
with water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. If there is irritation of the nipple should be lubricated brilliant green. "

Is it any wonder that feeding under such instruction becomes superhuman feat? Constant washing with soap and chest, lubrication nipples green paint will cause the skin loses natural lubrication, a nipple cracks occur instantly, and feeding becomes a hellish pain. Expressing really makes breasts produce more milk. But why? The baby sucks as much as he wants, and it leads to a complete racking lactostasis, and in severe cases — and to mastitis. By lactostasis also owns and pinching the breast during feeding, the milk must come freely.

Feeding the masked Chechen militants, when a child sees his mother's face (that's what malicious microbes filled her breath?) And swaddling the baby and mother are deprived of physical contact crumbs.

And therefore feed your baby as much as your heart dictates — golenkogo pressed to your chest, in a convenient for you and pose for him and as much as he needs. Breastfeeding is incredibly convenient for mom, good for the baby and economical for the family budget.

Day and night — day off

A newborn baby has not yet been formed biorhythms. He falls asleep and wakes up, it is not willing to be guided by the cycle of day and night. To help him do this, the famous American pediatricians W. and M. Serzy advised to sleep with the baby. Do not worry, you do not crush it! But the baby will start to better navigate in time, he has gradually formed daily rhythm.

And you will, oddly enough, calm sleep. After all, in order to feed the baby at night, you do not have several times during the night to get up, take the little one out of bed, feed and instal back. When the baby sleeps with you, you can feed almost without waking up.

Of course, in the parent's bed in a child will have a personal diaper, bed sheet, but the children of surprises your linens are not insured. In addition, the first few weeks after birth are fraught, and other surprises: you can wake up in a puddle of milk (if pipsqueak suddenly too fast asleep), and postnatal discharge are still ongoing. If the sheet is not very difficult to replace, the large stained mattress takes a lot more problems.

Our know-how. Buy over the counter common medical oilcloth-sized (usually length it about five feet, but in general — the more, the better) and make the mattress it across a distance of about 60-70 cm from the head. Practice shows that this is where most dirty sheet (below the pillows). In order not to shoot down an oilcloth, it can even be attached to the mattress a few strips of tape. On top of the oil-cloth is spread sheet adult, and on it — regular or disposable diaper for the baby. By the way, before going to bed put in the reach of small towel or napkin. At night, sometimes it is very necessary.

Do not forget!

  • Register your child at the registry office (it needs the parents' passports and information from the hospital). If baby was born at home, except passports, the exchange will take another card, which confirms that you were pregnant, and witness (its task is to witness the birth of a child at home).
  • Prescribe crumbs.
  • Making maternity benefits (at the place of my mother's work or school, or in a social security).

You can not do without:

  • Ironing diapers. Especially if you wash them at high temperatures. And to ensure that they are not wrinkled, it is important immediately after drying them neatly folded. The same goes for baby clothes. Knitted bodykit, blouses and sliders completely smoothed themselves on the body of the child.
  • Wash by hand. It is quite possible to instruct the proverbial washing machine in the first year is best to wash baby clothes and a special powder separately from the adult clothes.
  • Cooking delicacies. Go to healthy convenience foods, cereals, frozen vegetables.

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine "Lisa. My Baby "

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