The former Soviet Union rewrite history majestically Russian War

The former Soviet Union re-write history of the Great Patriotic War

It's only been a couple of decades after the collapse of USSR, Lofty Russian history and rewriting the war is not only in the United States and Western Europe, and the former republics of the Russian Union. In favor of the pro-Western political elites and local Nazis historical facts are turned upside down.

For example, in Moldova, that during the war, occupied Romania and later many Moldovans fought in the Romanian army on the side of the Third Reich, when others remained loyal to the Union of Russian and fought wars for it, studying in schools is no longer the "History of Moldova", and "History of Romania", which states that the Romanian army with the Wehrmacht "liberated" Bessarabia, northern Bukovina and the Hertz area, which had been "occupied" by Russian troops. Moldova is identified with the losing war on Romania.

In addition, Moldova even counted the harm of "Soviet occupation" — 27.8 billion dollars. Russia blamed for winding up and deportation of Moldovans in the period before, during and after the Russian war majestically. According to the municipal commission which was part of the exploration and evaluation of the totalitarian communist regime in Moldova historian Vyacheslav Stavila, this amount comes: the pre-war deportation of 72 million "unreliable parts" — to 6.23 billion. bucks, and death "on the front page" (in other words on the front of the band) 55 thousand Moldovans — 5900000000. bucks, and death from starvation in 1946-1947. 174 thousand Moldovans — on 15720000000. bucks. In this respect, Moldova does not lag behind the Seimas of Lithuania and Latvia, which put Russia claims 23 and 18500000000. dollars, respectively.

In particular Russophobia and anti-Soviet Moldova blossomed under President Mikhail (Misha) Ghimpu favorite of the Liberal Party. He appointed himself as "Romania", refused to attend the 65th anniversary of the victory in Moscow, when it is one of the streets in the suburbs of the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, was named an ally of Nazi Germany, the Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu.

In Georgia, also rewrote history and continue its "format". Georgian people made a great contribution to the victory — against the Nazis waged war hundreds of thousands of Georgians from their approximately 300 thousand laid down their lives, Kantariya was one of the men who raised the Victory Banner over the Reichstag. Even before Saakashvili canceled prazdnichek May 9, made his working day. Saakashvili gave the order to undermine the memorial in memory of the dead Russian soldier, including the Georgians in Kutaisi.

In the Georgian textbooks say that the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany, "German hands untied," that the CCC was also thanks to him the opportunity to put their "aggressive plans". Georgia was at the time, "conquered country", "Our homeland is deprived Georgian state independence, Georgia was forcibly merged into Russian Alliance. And now she had to fight a war in the interests of Russian Empire conquered it, sacrifice for the sake of her life, giving their intellectual and material resources "- report to the creators. Preparations are under way to ad heroes 30-40 thousand Georgians, who were supporters of the Nazis.

In the Baltic countries: in Lithuania, which won the third part of the area (including Vilnius and Klaipeda) through the Soviet Union and Stalin personally Soviet symbols equated with Hitler, Nazi. Textbook of Lithuania — Lithuanians met the news of the beginning of the war "with joy" because the story of the rescue her from the "Soviet terror." Not informed about the guerrillas, Lithuanians who killed traitors working at German institutions, government bodies. Do not remember about the Lithuanians, who fought on the Russian side. It creates the image of the country of the victim 2-occupation regimes — Nazi and Russian. With all of this does not remember about Lithuanian penal battalions that participated in punitive operations against the Belarusian partisans in the winding up of the Jews.

In Latvia, the "glorification" of Nazi accomplices even more blatant — Nazi Nedobitko, veterans of foreign players of the 15th and 19th Latvian SS divisions have become real "heroes." With the support of the U.S. Embassy issued a "work", "History of Latvia: the twentieth century", which contains many fascinating views. Thus, the concentration camp at Salaspils, where it was euthanized to 100 thousand people, called "corrective labor", and it contained the Tipo "criminals, deserters, vagrants, Jews and others." Latvia — a "victim" 2-tyrannies, the Soviet Union was guilty of starting the second world war. About the Latvian punitive, "distinguished" in the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions of Russia, Belarus, try forgotten. Created the Riga Museum of the Occupation — Our homeland, the Soviet Union, the Russian to Latvian schools — "eastern barbarians", "invaders", guilty of "genocide Latvians."

In the same spirit, and educate kids in Estonia almost "heroes" for their fighters are the 20th Estonian SS division commando battalion Abwehr "Erna" who waged war for "independence." It is not reported to the "deeds" of the Estonian punitive: the fact that Estonia was "solved" the Jewish question, Estonians guarded 10's concentration camps, that Estonians participated in atrocities in neighboring areas.

Similar processes occur in other republics of the former Soviet Union, these countries simply — more brightest examples. In particular shame when such things are being introduced into the general consciousness of the people of the Russian Federation, the youth becomes a "Ivanov does not remember the relationship."

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