The glass pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

In the early 1990s, American oceanographers using sonar equipment found in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle underwater pyramid. After processing the data, the researchers hypothesized that the surface structures of pyramidal shape perfectly smooth, perhaps a glass!
In size it is almost three times the pyramid of Cheops! According to the characteristics of the echo signals reflected from its surface, the faces of the pyramid are made of some mysterious material similar to the polished ceramic or glass.

Watch the video — Glass pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

The sensational news was announced by scientists at a press conference in Florida. Journalists were provided relevant materials oceanographic research: photos, sonogram. Ship's sonar and computerized analyzers with high resolution three-dimensional images showed a very smooth, clean, not overgrown with weeds, the faces of the pyramid. The pyramid is not of the blocks can not see any seams or slots or cracks. It seems that it is machined from a single monolith.

But in the following years, U.S. authorities have coded information about the glass pyramid, and the subject was closed to the media.
According to the U.S. Navy intelligence officers know that in this area there are ups UFO straight out of the water and the entrance of unidentified objects in the depths of the sea. Recent years, intelligence agencies are tracking these flights, which occur quite frequently. Security officials and the U.S. Army forced to admit that the anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle are due for the huge energy complex undersea life, perhaps Atlanteans who survived the tragic accident. Thus, the glass pyramid and is a central part of the complex, built by the priests of Atlantis once. Such a group of structures in the form of luminous pyramids was also recently discovered near the southern part of Chile, in the hollow of the Bellingshausen, at a depth of 6000 meters.

We can talk again about Edgar Cayce's prophecies come true, in particular, the huge crystal having a monstrous force that can cause devastating disasters on the planet and destroy the traces of past civilizations.

Reports of the pyramids, as if found in the Bermuda Triangle, arrive regularly. In the documents of the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Service in August 1948 for the first time mentioned the mountain "American spy." This is a huge mountain rises from a depth of 4400 meters and reaches up to 37 meters from the surface of the ocean. Careful measurements in September 1964, made the American scientific — research vessel "Atlantis — 11", showed that there is no mountain. Geologists have concluded that the information on this seamount were obtained as a result of the so-called "false bottom".
About Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle spoke more famous atlantologists Charles Berlitz. He headed the expedition found a mountain that looks like a pyramid. He believed that the mountain — a replica of the pyramid of Cheops. It was at a depth of 400 meters, its height is 150 meters, and the base — 200 meters. However, talking about the identity of the pyramid with Berlitz recently discovered it is not necessary.

Series Alejandro Perez, a resident of Guatemala, a descendant of the Mayan shamans, is an Elder of the Americas. It was announced two all-American congresses. Cities built in Yucatan, says Perez, built a Mayan ancestors who came from Bermuda. And this is the word at first sounded — May. May — this is Atlanta. They first lived in the Diamond city in Bermuda, and from there came already on the Tollan. The most important city — Diamond, Bermuda, with a pyramid under water.

However, in 2003 it was again reported that in the Bermuda Triangle found two mysterious giant pyramid-shaped structures. Oceanographer Verlag Mayer with special equipment able to find out what they are made of a substance that resembles glass. Dimensions underwater pyramids, located in the heart of the mysterious triangle size is much higher than similar structures on the land, including the famous pyramid of Cheops. However, preliminary data suggest that the age of the pyramids is not more than 500 years. Who built them and why, and remains a mystery. Mayer says that the technology on which the pyramids are made, Earthlings is unknown.


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