The hot weather has led to an increase in air pollution in Moscow

The air pollution in Moscow on Tuesday increased because of hot weather and light wind, told RIA Novosti expert GPBU "Mosekomonitoring."

Hot summer weather in the capital region last week, this week it will only increase its influence. According to weather forecasts, in the next few days, the temperature in excess of 30-degree mark.

"For the past day by weather conditions conducive to the accumulation of contaminants in the atmosphere, the concentration of pollutants increased by 30-40%. Impermissibly fix standards established for the maximum single concentration in nitrogen oxide and 1.4 times, fine particles — 1.1 times for hydrogen sulfide — 2.3 times, "- said the source.

According to experts, the maximum single concentration of pollutants do not exceed the permissible standards, but the average per night concentrations exceed the set standard to 2.1 times the nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone.

"In the daytime the overall level of pollution decreases (mixing of air will be amplified by heating), the excess is unlikely," — said the ecologist.

Meanwhile, he warned that the coming night situation again. Weather conditions will boost the concentrations of pollutants.

"In the daytime the capital are entitled to the improvement of the situation — the passage of atmospheric front may be accompanied by brief thunderstorms and moderate wind," — he added.

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