The journalist managed to have punished the policemen

Correspondent of "BelaPAN" Vladimir Laptsevich held in administrative detention, together with the person who was previously convicted. By procedural code enforcement of administrative offenses contents criminal record man in a cell with convicted prohibited.

The journalist complained to the prosecutor of Leninsky district of Mogilev, which recognized a violation of the law. In response, he was told that the police and Cossacks Balsun unfair for the performance of official duties punished measures tangible impact.

"About this position I found out by accident. I have no desire to take revenge on someone. I just wanted to expose the violation that prison staff did. Perhaps this state of a little-known. People need to know that they have a right to have custody. Important to ensure that people know about it. According to my information, the violation was done quite often in prison, "- says the answer from the prosecutor Vladimir Laptsevich.

Previously, Vladimir Laptsevich complained that the employees of the temporary detention have not spoken to him in Belarusian. Thus, according to the journalist, they broke the law "On Languages". Following a complaint, as reportedand prison authorities Laptsevich to police language classes were held.

Vladimir Laptsevich arrested March 25 on a pedestrian street Lenin in Mogilev. He was going to cover the share of local opposition, dedicated to the Day of Freedom. Judge Irina Lanchava found him guilty on two articles of the Administrative Code: for abuse and neglect of the comments policemen, as well as for disobeying them. The journalist was sentenced to seven days in jail. Three of them, he goes to court.

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