The latest armored «Typhoon-U» by security forces exceed available in APCs and IFVs

The latest armored
In 2013, the armed forces will receive the first pilot batch of tactical protected designation of multipurpose vehicles «Typhoon-U». They should be involved in municipal and military trials.
Total, according to the website rosoboronpostavka.rf must be done 30 units of this equipment total price 1 billion. 74 million rubles.
The creation of these vehicles is a typical technological breakthrough of our defense industry, because, despite the urgent need for them since the days of the Afghan war, the army enjoyed only trucks with local booking.
If this technique has brought our troops before, you could have avoided countless victims in the same protracted conflict in the North Caucasus and peacekeeping operations conducted by the Russian army in the last 20 years.
By the way, the designers were sitting around not even limited funding criteria of over promising technique were carried out, but for obvious reasons not to buy such cars.

The latest armored
And here a few years back the it became clear that we in Naberezhnye Chelny and Miasse made a promising family cars «Typhoon». KAMAZ option to main name received the designation of «K», and machines from steel URALAZ «Typhoon-U». First public demonstration of these armored vehicles has caused a storm of ecstasy, even people from distant military equipment, and those recognized that we can not do worse than in the West.
And indeed, protected «Typhoon-U», namely, has a rather imposing mass of about 24 tons. In armor protection applied most leading world-class technology. Structurally increased mine resistance. Not counting has already become a classic V-shaped bottom, it itself manufactured multilayered, used a special pan Mine. In addition, the floor inside the machine is made by elastic elements, personnel located on special shock-absorbing seats with headrests and seat belts.

The latest armored
This design was calculated spices nuclear center in Sarov.
As a result, created by machine, in comparison with which all are available in the current time in the Russian army armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles simply do not seem secure «tins».
Yaroslavl powerful diesel 450 hp able to overclock this armored car to 105 km / h on the rugged terrain this car can move at a speed of 50 km / h Progress in store for all that has a record value — up to 1800 km. Capacity is 12 people.
Armored vehicles in this family can be equipped as weapons, namely, remote-controlled machine guns «Kord» 12.7 mm.
The car has already demonstrated at international exhibitions and received the highest score of foreign professionals. It is expected that right for «Ural» tests will come on and armored «KamAZ». Requirements of the army in such machines is estimated to many thousand, because enough work for everyone. It is not excluded that follow and export orders.

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