The latest discovery Tevatron

It just so happened that the main nyusmeykerami in modern physics collaborations are working at the Large Hadron Collider. However, recently the American physicists in progress at the Tevatron Collider found unexplained effect. Some have suggested that this phenomenon — the birth as yet undiscovered particles. The findings of the experiment, the data were presented at the Laboratory site. Fermi.

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Collider — the place where the collision, pre-accelerated, hadrons (protons and antiprotons). The collision produced other particles whose lifetime is very small, so they are also subject to decay into other elementary particles. The decay products are analyzed on the basis of his physics specify which unstable particles were formed immediately after the collision.

After analyzing the data detector CDF, the researchers found that for every birth W-boson would have two additional flow of excess particles. W-boson — an elementary particle with the help of which the transfer of the weak interaction.

Physicists have found that collisions at energies of the order of 144 GeV, the formation of excess electrons and muons. Redundancy due to the formation of degradation products, in the initial collisions of unknown particles.

Scientists believe that the event is the appearance of a new particle (a fact yet to be determined) is unable to prove the existence of the Higgs boson, as Theoretical calculations have shown that at these energies the Higgs boson decay products contain different chain of elementary particles.

Search for the Higgs boson — the main task of Physics of the XXI century. Until recently, the discovery of his experiments were carried out both at the Tevatron and at the Large Hadron Collider. However, in October of 2011 all work at the Tevatron will be phased out.

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