The lawsuit against the Free City police officers began to consider the court

Krichevsky district court began its consideration of the complaint Krycheu independent publisher of the newspaper "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev against the District Department of Internal Affairs.

The prosecutor is trying to recover from the defendant 5,000,000 rubles for violation of moral rights enshrined in the Constitution: the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to disseminate complete, reliable and timely information.

Reason for the appeal to the court reporter was confiscated by police three 297 copies of his newspaper. Confiscation Vladimir Kudryavtsev illegal calls and demands to return, as he claims, stolen police newspaper.

Today's hearing lasted more than an hour. Judge Antonina Kachanova granted the representative of the district police department Lieutenant Colonel Valeria Zhilinskis on remand until October. Its request police argued that the seized papers sent to the linguistic expertise.

"He could not explain why we are officially out of the police were not informed that in July, the newspaper sent for examination. Example, I only found out in a phone call from the District Attorney. Žilina promised that within three days, we will send an official paper . examination results will be announced in October. clear that delaying the court — an attempt to defuse the conflict with the arrest of the newspaper. After two months about the first room NTV controversial film "The Godfather" will be a little interesting to readers. By October may show already and the fourth " The Godfather "and the fifth. Arrest newspaper — an error of power, as they have created intrigue in po-za and beyond. People began to wonder what kind of film is such that even arrest a newspaper. Allow us to win the state structure of five million rubles for the authorities is unacceptable phenomenon, especially on the eve of the presidential elections, "- said" Freedom "after the trial, the complainant representative Sergei Uneven.

Before the trial, Vladimir Kudryavtsev appealed to the district prosecutor's office, so she filed a criminal case against the policemen. The prosecutor's office found no grounds for it.

The police confiscated the newspaper, holding a courier to her on June 9.

The main theme of the room was arrested article "NTV destroyed the reputation of President Lukashenko" comment; Pavel Sheremet about the controversial film "The Godfather."

Non-governmental newspaper "Free City" is printed in Smolensk. Unregistered edition. According to the Belarusian legislation in this status must newspaper's circulation is not greater for 299 copies.


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