The machines time Ochakovskih and conquest of the Crimea to go back to one of the leading aviation powers of the world will not work

The machines' time Ochakovskih and conquest of the Crimea "to return to one of the leading aviation powers of the world will not be ableWill the konkurentnst our aviation industry with Western firms? Will she be able to make a hypersonic passenger plane which will cover the distance from Moscow to the Far East for two to four hours? What is more effective avenues for cooperation with foreign partners in the aviation industry? These and other problematic issues have tried to find answers to the participants of international Air Transport Forum "IATF-2012", which took place August 23-25 in Ulyanovsk. In his work, took the role of vice chairman of the Russian Government, Dmitry Rogozin.

In the middle of the organizers of the forum held from now on even years, and those who support him — the Council of Federation, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Transportation, the administration of the Ulyanovsk region, the United Aircraft Company (UAC), the group of companies "Volga-Dnepr".

Change is just around the corner

Dmitry Rogozin, speaking at the IATF-2012, stressed:

— We feel that we are on the verge of huge, harsh and positive configurations — signing contracts for large industrial scale production Russian aircraft. A country like the Russian Federation, can not live without their own aircraft, military and civilian, and large-light aircraft.

Indeed, in the largest aviation company in Ulyanovsk "Aviastar-SP" is awaiting first flight of brand new machine Il-476. Soon it will rise into the sky. While the same principle to find how to build a general work, so from our market evenly oust foreign aviation equipment, replacing it with modern Russian aircraft.

— For us it is a municipal task — to move forward the entire industry — said Rogozin. — She has put President Vladimir Putin, and it will be resolved.

Dmitry Rogozin said that the recent agreement will be signed for the purchase of modern aircraft modification — Il-76MD. Now he is in fact collected and 70 percent consists of new parts. He also has new wings, avionics, engine … All this is a great achievement of our aircraft manufacturers. But there are also certain prepyadstviya. Developers at the moment brought to mind the software and, in the views of Rogozin, the end of September 2012 plane will be one hundred percent ready for the first flight.

— After that, in accordance with the request of President Vladimir Putin, we're going to go out on a large contract for the supply of these aircraft Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Although he also has civilian mission, has great export potential. This, as in the case of the IL-476 will allow to make new jobs, recruitment of additional personnel. May require even new manufacturing facility. In addition, the company will deploy repair works are in service with the Russian Air Force "Ruslan" AN-124. This is for orders from the company "Volga-Dnepr".

In the course of discussion in the forum Deputy Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Slusar stressed that the aviation industry — one of the more capital-and technology-intensive industry sectors. Because for the promotion of its products on the world market, you must first expand international cooperation, without which it will not survive. At this point, even the world's leading manufacturers do not actually involved in the design and organization of production of the latest generation of aircraft is a broad division of labor. For example, about 70 percent of the devices for "Boeing-787" come to the U.S. from abroad.

Such cooperation will help, namely, to do better properties and characteristics of consumer products through the use of imported devices, attract investment, to increment the number of customers through the use of style and influence partners to technological re-equipment companies gain experience marketing and use of products to increase research potential due role in international research program notes.

In turn, Dmitry Rogozin, said that it is impossible to make a modern, competitive aircraft on the machines' time Ochakovskih and conquest of the Crimea. " In general, they can not be otherwise, since the 10-s years of the enterprises did not upgrade. Therefore it is necessary to spend a short time in their modernization. Then after three years we will be living in another country, to have a different industry. And while you can not do without the introduction of foreign experience and, again, international cooperation.

Fruitful interaction

Obviously, it is in the aircraft and at the moment. Suffice it to recall the Russian-Ukrainian cooperation in the serial production of the An-148 and An-140. The parties agree to restore the production of An-124 and want to do together and Load a new military transport aircraft An-70. Regional Russian airliner Superjet 100 is provided with the equipment of foreign companies.

But we need to decide further steps in this direction, and they have already made. For example, a contract with the German company DIS on supplies Irkutsk aircraft factory modern technological strip allows the assembly of aircraft MS-21. Successfully implementing the project preparation component for machines of family A320s, A321s, together with the concern Airbus. To do this, the airline "Irkut" held optimization of the production process at the Irkutsk aircraft factory, which enabled halve the labor-intensive work, increase efficiency and scale of production.

Our homeland and India are building medium transport aircraft MTI, why founded and began to operate the joint venture. Not so long ago discovered the same joint venture for the production of civilian helicopters. While the existing line anticipates the assembly of rotary-wing capacity 6.5 tons. But now reached an agreement with the Italians on the 2-new projects. Namely, the construction of helicopters Augusto119 other tonnage and jointly develop a new light helicopter carrying capacity of 2.5 tons.

In the field of drive engineering, the priority is to expand production in Russia Motor SaMl46 (SAM146) "Saturn" and the French airline Snecma for the Superjet 100.

Builds cooperation and scientific organizations in the industry with leading companies in the world, the new centers of aviation in the areas of aerodynamics, materials science. More progressed avianauki Russian cooperation with European institutions as part of the research programs of the EU. This work is headed by a joint Russian-European group in the field of aeronautical research in the civilian sector. We are talking about projects "Svetlana" (automation of data collection and processing flight disk imaging), "Aenoka" (improved noise motor control using plasma actuators), "Alaska" (construction of composite fuselages).

But especially fruitful cooperation evolving scientific organizations in Russia and Germany. This is facilitated by the framework agreement between the TsAGI and the German aerospace center DLR. Together they are developing promising materials, control systems, aviation technology, research flight dynamics. A burning joint projects — the creation of an aircraft for domestic airlines and the new long-haul airliner.

By the way, the German company DMG has become an official partner of applets "Year Germany to Russia "on IATF 2012. Overall, the forum in Ulyanovsk has been recorded more than 200
professionals from Canada, China, the CIS and the EU. It is expected that in 2014 the IATF will naikrupneyshim business event in the field of civilian aviation in Eastern Europe.

In general, international programm forum was structured in such a Makarov: zabugornye guests chose burning topics and submit them for discussion with the Russian staff, which allows the exchange of experience, it is easier to focus on trends and forms the unified approach to the conduct of business for Russian and foreign players in the Russian market is generally recognized The world rules.

Such a form of communication was useful. Naikrupneyshie Russian and foreign firms presented investment projects, negotiated, signed contracts. Thus, the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the company "FL Technics" signed an investment agreement and gave a start to build on the site of port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk-East."

Why do young people prefer the "Boeing"

Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Titov, reminded the audience that the April 1, 2012 the President of the Russian Federation approved the "Principles of State Policy Russian Federation in the field of aviation activities for the period up to 2020." At the current time, the Russian government is finalizing an all-inclusive plan. It should be taken into account advice of previous parliamentary hearings on the development of a network of airfields and airports, regional, and local transportation. Russian aircraft industry must also take into account the fact nedavneshnego Russia's entry into the WTO, as well as a number of other issues. What is it all the same kind of questions?

In 2010, the RF Carried a little more than 58 million passengers, and in the United States — in excess of 600 million. The ratio of numbers tongued says a lot. Including the fact that our aviation companies focused only on the high-flying. They relate in the main big town. The rest area of the country, unfortunately, falls out of their sight. Vpribavok flights are very expensive.

Requests the development and coordination with the subjects of Russian Federation Municipal programm development of regional and local airlines. In Russia, a lot of companies that are engaged in small aircraft engines. The same Samara plant "Progress" made a small regional jet. But the problem of certification delaying its introduction into service for long years.

It's time to create a list of new and social standards that determine the availability of air transport for each federal district and region. The length of the large areas of the country as from west to east and from north to south. The flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, for example, takes 11 hours. Is it time to make a plane that will overcome the same distance in two to four hours. The harsh task for engineering offices and scientists. But where they are working on what? According to Titov, now we basically already lost the Tupolev, Ilyushin, almost idle CB "Yakovlev". Because at the moment, more than ever, to find fundamentally new incentives for chief designers, for new levels of social significance of labor usually an engineer, working at the bench.

And develop konkurentnst between design offices. As a recognized law says Porter, if there is no competitiveness inside the country, then in the global arena for you to do virtually nothing.

After all, the need for a strategy of small aircraft in the region with the construction of small airports, the development of financial structures that provide a range of services for the production of small aircraft and their maintenance. Although the low wages in the province do not allow use of such judgment (on 3-5-10 people) even on charter flights. The solution is to increase wages in industry and agriculture, or provide subsidies to air carriers.

Some people believe that in order to address a number of pressing problems need to re-create the Ministry of Aviation Industry. But the criteria of a market economy, according to the views of Titova, it is a step backwards. Besides, we already have a structure that is able to cope with such puzzles — United Aircraft Company (UAC). It is only necessary to give it a greater ability to implement the plans that led to the president and the government of the Russian Federation.

Emerging friction between aircraft manufacturers and other market participants in almost all stem from the fact that now we do not have a single control center. And they can become the KLA.

In general, the need for the development of aviation surplus staff, I am sure the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Mikhail Sokolov. It is not only the flight crew, and testers, producers, researchers. Phenomenon, but consists in the fact that we have a professional youth who are ready to work in the industry, but, unfortunately, working conditions and pay are forcing many professionals prepared to run across to foreign firms — Boing, Airbus and others. It turns out that we are preparing personnel for overseas companies.

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