The massive failure of an apartment building near Orlando, Florida, USA

Service of Orange County (Orlando, FL) are working to keep the big failure of the house Uildermera from increasing.

Yama appeared on Thursday morning (May 3, 2012) in the yard of the house on Indian Deer Road (Indian fare Deer) — a branch of the county road 535 on Tilden Road (Tilden Road).

The hole has grown from 10 to 30 meters in width. This is about the length of a basketball court, and officials say that it continues to grow.

In urban services say that a hole about 15 feet deep and swallowed three oak that look like bushes at the bottom.

"You know, it's just part of life in Central Florida. We are now a drought, and then they continue to happen. They can appear at any time, "- said the head of Orange County Fire Battalion Billy Richardson.

Only a few feet separating the pit from the back of the house. Family rents a house, safely evacuated, including four children, a cat and a dog. Lou Lambros said that he and his family lived in the house only two months.

"The earth just fell through the hole, and the trees are gone there too," — said Lambros, — "It happened very fast, too much. So I immediately ran back and said, takes the children out of the house. "

Firefighters and professional carriers helped the family to collect belongings.

Lambros said that if the failure was formed 12 hours before his son could be injured.

"Last night, just before sunset my son was there in a hammock, so I'm always worried about my kids were OK and no one was hurt. Quite scary. My brain while hardly understands things like this. Only God knows how they [the failures] appear, but I'm thankful that everything is OK with us, "- explained Lambros.

Authorities say the failure engaged geologist.

experts pointed out some white paint rings around the center of the initial failure, and as expected, their land will crumble within a few hours.

John Davis, Amanda Evans and chief Weather Service Jeff Day, Bright House Networks / © 2012 Central Florida News 13

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