The meeting of the APEC members

The meeting of the APEC membersVehicles today plays a very important role in the global economy, and the APEC forum only underscored his role. Aug. 3 in St. Petersburg met Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov Georgi Poltavchenko.

They discussed how to develop sales in St. Petersburg, which has for many years considered the cultural capital of Russia. Now one of the largest ports accepts many of cargo and passenger ships daily turnover in 2015 could reach 93 million tons.

For such a large port city plays an extremely important role, because access to the Baltic Sea to Russia conquered even Peter I. The Governor said that the plan to improve the port so that it can accept ocean liners, so we can talk about the development of tourism.

The other big news was that the recently completed construction of the ring road, which will significantly relieve the center of the northern capital. Now residents get first find products nahttp :/ / / russian-shops / proskater /, then no traffic jams quickly get where they need to. Despite the fact that St. Petersburg is second in size capital Moscow, the problem of congestion is still relevant.

There are lots of tourists arrive by air and so it is logical that the airport "Pulkovo" modernized under way. After the upgrade can increase the amount of time sitting down and taking off of aircraft.

In the end, the governor said that the most important is the integrated development of transport in the northern capital, as this will increase trade and facilitate cultural, industrial and information exchange between Europe and APEC.

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