The Middle East has suffered the tragedy of the South American tactical fighter F-15E

In the Middle East crashed American tactical fighter F-15E

The Middle East has suffered tragedy south american tactical fighter F-15E, reports The Washington Post. He was doing a training flight in the Gulf region, a clear scene of the accident has not been disclosed.

Both pilots managed to eject. According to a source in the U.S. Air Force, both landed safely. Details of the tragedy are still unknown. To the scene target rescuers and investigators who will determine the cause of the incident.

F-15 "Eagle" (F-15 Eagle) — South American weather tactical fighter fourth generation. 1st Fighter fifteenth "families" adopted for the U.S. Air Force in the far 1976. Fighter known for having never been shot down enemy aircraft. At the current time, "needles" are involved in the defense of the continental United States, and stroke F-15E considered one of the most massive fighter-bombers in the world.

Almost a month back and crashed during a training exercise once south american Fighter F-18 Superhornet. Plane fell on houses in the South American town of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Seven people were injured. Aircraft operated cadet, held an internship. In the car he was in conjunction with an experienced instructor.

A similar case of a fighter jet F-18 took place in December 2008 in San Diego, Florida. The cabin was sitting as a young pilot who, after engine failure was required to eject. Then plane fell on houses, killing four people.

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