The Munich disaster: the Olympic spirit is not rescued

Munich tragedy: the Olympic spirit is not saved

September 5, 1972 can be considered days of birth of world terrorism. The other day, the 40th anniversary of the terrorist attack during the Olympic Games in Munich, "Der Spiegel" published the declassified documents, which contained new information about the response to the failure of the German secret services of the then governing Germany, as a rift in the middle of political governance in Tel Aviv.

1972 year promised to be good for West Germany. 27 years later after the end of the second world war finally started to establish regular business with the world, and particularly with the countries affected by the brutal policy of the Third Reich. How times have fallen by the way XX Summer Olympic Games. Since the Berlin Olympics in 1936 was of "brown" color Nazi regime, German authorities now got the chance to prove their civility. No one suspected that light the Olympic standards will be splattered with the blood of 17 people — 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team (four coaches, five participants and two referees), 1st Bavarian police plus 5 Palestinian terrorists.

The authorities apparently feared to cause involuntary association with guests dressed in uniforms of German guys with 'Nazis. In any case, no uniformed officers rushed into his eyes. Unfortunately, they did not bother to change the policemen in civilian clothes. In the Olympic village could just go without a pass: trained athletes to easily overcome the barrier of netting mesh. Carelessness or, better to say in Russian, bungling a disaster.

At 4.40 am September 5, 1972 eight members of the Palestinian terrorist organization "Dark September"Armed with AK-47s, climbed over the fence at the gates 25A and leaked to the area of Olympic Village in Munich. Took hostage members of the Israeli Olympic team, the terrorists claimed the release of 234 Palestinians in Israeli jails, also free 2-German terrorists from terrorist levoekstremistskoy organization "Red Army Faction" — Andreas Baader (Andreas Baader) and Ulrike Meinhof (Ulrike Meinhof). authorities of Germany have decided to outsmart the terrorists, allegedly agreeing to their demands, and served in the evening bus to drive the terrorists and hostages to two military helicopters that delivered them at an air base in NATO Fuerstenfeldbruck (Furstenfeldbruck). 22.30 after the order was given to begin the operation to rescue the hostages. It was a complete failure.

"To avoid mutual accusations and avoid any self-criticism." As it turned out not so long ago, this was the main line of the strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, adopted at the subsequent day after the memorial service for the victims at a special meeting and circulated on September 7 in a special ministerial circular.

Declassified Dossier Israeli community archive can be seen as critical of the actions of the Bavarian police station was set up then-Mossad chief Zvi Zamir (Zvi Zamir). In one of the documents states that already in the evening on September 6, Zamir in an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (Golda Meir) rebuked the German side of incompetence and inaction. "They have not taken any minute efforts to save even one human life — read Zamir. — They did not take on himself insignificance risk to save people. Neither ours nor their own." Instead, the Germans "by all means try to continue the Olympics."

On the question of Golda Meir, why in Munich were not taken security measures to protect the Israeli athletes, Zamir referred to the words of the 1st senior police officer of the rank of Bonn: "And for what? Here reigns Olympic spirit and nothing will happen. "On the subsequent morning after the fiasco with the release of the hostages behind the closed doors of the Israeli Cabinet, consultations, whether Israel should cease to claim the Olympic Games, also addressed the question of how this may impact on the German-Israeli relations.

Yet, the "flaw" allowed not only the Germans, and Israelis. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan (Mosche Dayan) argued that "in the near future," shortly before the Munich disaster, received information that Arab terrorists are planning to hold its own shares in Europe, with the Israeli intelligence services even know the names of the terrorists and their whereabouts. But Israeli intelligence services did not have specific instructions that the attack will occur specifically in Munich.

From time to time one can read that Zvi Zamir brilliantly coped with the incarnation of a sting operation "Wrath of God", during which over 20 years of Mossad killed two of the 3 surviving terrorists. Except for a catastrophic disaster. In July 1973, agents of "Mossad" in Lillehammer tracked planned the Munich attack, Ali Hassan Salameh (Alin Hasan Salameh). Salaam, nicknamed "Reddish prince" was a member of the "Dark September" and the chief of a special group of Force 17. But at the sight of a pregnant girlfriend, Israeli agents were shot peaceful Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouhiki (Ahmed Bouchiki). "Reddish prince" dies 6 years later, the explosion of car bombs in Beirut. Spiral of terror, when random people are killed, it is easier to untie than the finish.

Away from the Jewish revenge managed one of the managers of the "Dark September" Abu Daud (Abu Daoud). In August 1981, the organizer of the Munich attack that successfully survived an assassination attempt in Warsaw and fled to East Germany. Nobody prevented his departure from the country. More one terrorist Jamal al-Gashi (Dschamal el Gaschey) appeared in one of the African states and gives an interview: "I am proud that I did in Munich."

Bad experiences have led to the necessary conclusions. Already in September in Germany starting to establish an elite group of special forces GSG 9 (full title: GSG 9 der Bundespolizei), which is practiced, including, and for the release of the hostages. First commander of the counter-terrorist unit GSG 9 Ulrich Wegener (Ulrich Wegener) referred catastrophic episode in Munich, one of the biggest mistakes made by the West German government at the time.

5 years later, the German GSG 9 commando of a stir at the time of the sensational operation "Magic fire" (Feuerzauber) to rescue the hostages in Mogadishu. On the night of October 18, 1977 in the Somali capital, the release of all hostages seized by terrorists aircraft Landshut (Boeing 737-200) West German "Lufthansa". Storming the aircraft is among the most difficult challenges facing the special forces to free the hostages.

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