The mysterious and frightening infinity

All that we see on Earth, and she, along with us, is composed of particles that have emerged from space. Humanity during its entire existence, seeking answers to the questions of where there is life there is any other intelligent civilizations in the universe, or habitable planet with living organisms, and in general what is out there in the dark and mysterious way.

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And we can say that in the last half-century was made a huge leap in the study of outer space, the first flight of Gagarin, EVA, landing on the moon, and many other ambitious projects due to which, the scientists have made many new scientific discoveries. In our time with the telescopes and modern technology may be challenged by any theory of the cosmos created by centuries.

It now comes the interesting and exciting time of discovery would change our world. The universe is so vast and so mysterious, after looking at the night sky, we see a huge number of points of light, each of which may be an entire galaxy, which we almost did not know or anything. Therefore, humanity is irresistibly drawn into the unknown universe.

And not for the first simulated long flights in the vastness of space, the purpose of which is landing on Mars. The main purpose of the mission to the red planet, is a group of people landing on the Martian surface, and then return to Earth. Another of the objectives of the flight search scarce resources beyond our planet.

But there are also supporters of the colonization of Mars, with its further terraforming, that is, the preparation conditions on the planet suitable for living beings inhabiting the Earth. Who knows, maybe in a few decades, humanity will find a new leap in space exploration.

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