The names of the 2-new Boreas

The names of the two new "Boreas"Severodvinsk shipyard "Sevmash" plans by 28 July 2013 to lay the fifth strategic nuclear submarine project 955A "Northwind", and in November of this year — the second such ship. According to "Russian newspaper", the submarine will be named "Alexander Suvorov" and "Mikhail Kutuzov". Metal cutting and other preliminary work on these two ships are maintained on "Sevmash" in 2011.

Russian Navy has adopted a first ship Project 955 "Boreas"" Yury Dolgoruky "January 10, 2013. Second such submarine -" Alexander Nevsky "will join the Russian fleet in the current year. Dec. 30, 2012 the water was also launched on the 3rd Submarine Project 955 "Vladimir Monomakh", taking place in the current time mooring tests.

In the interests of the Russian Navy built the fourth shipAnd he is directed to an improved project 955A. Three submarine project 955A ("Prince Vladimir" "Alexander Suvorov "and" Misha Kutuzov ") will have improved sonar systems, navigation equipment, communications, command and control, also increased from 16 to 20 units of missile silos for ballistic missile" Bulava ".

In total, within the framework of the state program of arms of the Russian Federation for 2011-2020 will build and enable the Navy eight (according to other sources, 10) strategic submarines of the project "Boreas. "The last of them is expected to be handed over to the Navy in 2018. New ships over time will change outdated submarine cruiser 667BDRM" Dolphin "and will last 30-40 years in the Navy.

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