The national park of Kenya flooding

Severe flooding occurred in a national park in Kenya, "Gates of Hell", located south of Lake Naivasha and north of the capital Nairobi. According to official sources, one person was killed immediately and six were reported missing.

All of them were part of the 40-person church youth group "Mukar" from Nairobi. In the national park, they came to look at the local landmark — the gorge. The incident took place just next to it.

Gorge in the park "Gates of Hell."

Because of the rapidly occurring twilight search for missing members has significantly increased. As of April 23, 2012, all six young men declared dead. The other members of the group managed to escape thanks to prompt action guides that accompanied them.

This flood was entirely unexpected, since the heavy rains in the national park, which had previously been shooting the movie "Tomb Raider" with A. Jolie, were not as strong as in other areas of Kenya. Contributed to the disaster and the fact that the rains have come to the country later than usual, and the soil was severely parched to absorb an amount of water that fell suddenly.

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