The number of victims of frost in Poland reached 82 people

The number of victims of the unusually cold weather in Poland for the last day was five, and at the end of January, when the country established a hard frost, killing more than 80, reported Friday the Ministry of Interior.

Most often, the cold killed homeless. Authorities have asked citizens to immediately inform the people who are forced to wait out the cold in the unheated rooms. For homeless people across the country are open shelters, which serves hot meals.

The mercury in most parts of Poland since the end of January is around minus 15 degrees mark. At night, the temperature is minus 20. This is far below normal, which for February is minus 2 degrees.

Severe frosts came to Europe at the end of January. In Italy were heavy snowfalls and established abnormal cold. In many Italian cities were recorded temperature records, in particular, in Milan on February 6 the thermometer dropped to minus 18 degrees. As reported on Wednesday, have become victims of the weather, at least 40 people, and this number is constantly growing.

Unusually cold weather established in Switzerland. In Tuesday night in Lausanne was recorded temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius.

Thermometer in Germany also continue to show an unusually low temperature. Some regions have been heavy snowfalls. Several reported dead.

Because of the unprecedented frost in some Eastern European countries canceled classes in schools. Hypothermia in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania dozens of deaths.

Residents of the Balkans because of cold weather and snow have problems and violations of transportation disruptions to energy supply.

Disrupted the movement of ships on the Danube — Icy cold most of the bed of one of the largest rivers in Europe.

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