The number of victims of the landslide in southwest China to 46 people

The number of victims of a landslide in the province Yunnanna southwest China has reached 46 people — on Saturday morning under the rubble found two bodies, according to news website province "Yunnan van" with reference to the local authorities.

Several hundred thousand cubic meters of mud came down on the village Gaopo County Chzhensyun in 08.20 (04.20 MSK) Friday. According to preliminary estimates, the length of the landslide is 120 meters, width — 110 m and thickness — about 16 meters. Landslide completely covered houses 14 families, where there were 27 adults and 16 children. Homes were damaged two other families.

A total of 136 landslide affected families — 629 people. They were moved to a safe place, two wounded remain in hospital, their condition is stable.

Chinese authorities have instructed the relevant central authorities and local leaders to make every effort for the early recovery of the disaster. Relatives of each victim assistance will be provided for 20 million yuan (about 3.2 thousand dollars).

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