The opening of the closed Tiksi Airport

The Ministry of Defence airfield opens polar Tiksi

Since April 16, the order of the commander of long-range aviation Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhikhareva polar Tiksi airport opened to receive the state aviation aircraft, reported to the Office of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

 In line with the previous decision of the Minister of Defence, Army General Sergei Shoigu, the airfield was formed Tiksi aircraft commander's office, which is now fully staffed by specialists and equipment to ensure a state aviation aircraft flights, equipped with the proper equipment that is compatible with the terrestrial planting equipment the Russian Defense Ministry.

April 10 this year, according to the results of the ad hoc committee, which included representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, Federal Air Transport Agency, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management", FSUE "Airport Tiksi," the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Spetsstroy Russia, the airfield was named Tiksi the relevant requirements of the airfield third grade and suitable to receive aircraft: Antonov-24 (AN-26), the AN-72 (AN-74), AN-12, AN-140, IL-18, as well as small aircraft and all types of helicopters.

In order to provide for the resumption of the airfield Tiksi civil aircraft specialists Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation Air Traffic" is currently engaged in the installation and certification of equipment delivered to the airfield Tiksi in August 2012.

Recall Tiksi Airport is the subject of co-location, that is designed to work both military and civil aviation. It was closed by the Ministry of Defence 1 October 2012 under the pretext of the reconstruction of the runway, although aviation experts claimed that the shorter runway is fully capable of taking class aircraft An-24 and An-26. By and large, they were right.

In order not to leave the village in the arctic full traffic isolation, the local pilots were forced to establish there the so-called connecting flights with the use of helicopters, and the Government of the Republic had sought in the budget of tens of millions of rubles to compensate for the increased cost of transportation. However, in February, when Tiksi broke down the heating system, the lack of reliable air communication has caused serious tension in the village.

The need for an early opening of the airport was raised in Yakutsk in early April at a meeting of the State Commission for the development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who led the meeting, immediately gave the relevant instructions to attend a meeting of representatives of the Defense. The result was not long in coming.…16/100018040/detail.shtml


From myself I want to add: think about howl, rising after the "closing" of the airport?

Which media will be news of the discovery? Very interesting!)


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