The opening of the new dairy farm Agapovsky in the Perm region

The new, spick and span, "Agapovsky MTF2. August 2012, "we read on the front. Full range of services to farmers — shine tile hallways and showers, stainless steel milk glitters 3-ton tankaohladitelya, cozy red corner and a recreation room. Everything is simple and rational: mobile distribution of feed, the milk, the top skylights, ventilation, concrete lining and entrances. 


All this by LLC "Uralets" for two years and 50 million rubles! Pribrosim 22 thousand rubles per one skotomesto 5 times cheaper than conventional model projects — their money in the economy are able to consider. 

Cut through the red tape to a housewarming party entrusted the main livestock farming Galina Okulova and better milkmaid Agafya Gulyayeva. From his group in the 50 goals she nadaivaet for the year 270 tons of milk, some days, and more than a ton! Today on the farm yields at 18 liters per cow. 

Leading and managing a milkmaid Agapovsky MTF-2 Agatha Gulyaev

Now, attention: Agatha Fedorovna still manages the farm at the same time, and that means — for her and technology, and accounting and payroll, and dozens of other tasks and responsibilities. Want to worship such a hard worker! 

Director of "Uralets" Viktor Chomutov transfers made within two years: overhaul of virtually all farm equipment replacement, strengthening food supply, nearly 6tysyachnye annual milk production from each of the 450 cows — it's closer to the front edge. Only new equipment purchased for 60 million rubles: American Tractor "John Deere", which replaces the five domestic, two Kamaz, combine harvester "Vector" Rosselmash, equipment for a spin hay into a film, and more. And today the new American tractor and combine harvester solemnly and publicly awarded Best machine: Alexander Gulyaev, Alexei Shalamova, Nicholas Shilonosovu, Alexei Khomutov. "Work with dedication, take care of, they are acquired hardly the whole team," admonishes the director and gives to each according thermos. "All of our guys, experienced, savvy, reliable," says Viktor. A technique immediately goes on the field — the route is known. Guests also in the field, admire the masterly work of Sergei Sofina for "John Deer" with 6korpusnym reversible plow. 

I am from filling, agronomist mother, my father all my life on the tractor, so I have a hereditary grain grower, says Sergei, the experience of 21 years old, tractor runs like clockwork. 

Production of developing in every way, says Victor Chomutov, but pulls back the social sphere. The roads to the villages are not built, no gas, post office once a week, change house is zero, no mobile, and hence production, and the school without the Internet. Overall picture for the Permian hinterland. The local budget is weak, and federal programs will not wait. We ought to beat all the bells, shout, yes knock on every door of the "cultural capital of Europe", and in the capital itself, but the passivity of local officials irresistible — again a typical pattern for the edge … 

The Kama village still lives at the expense of seloobrazuyuschego farms. It will collapse, with the entry into the WTO is likely to become extinct and the whole rural area. And no matter how we develop farming and other "self-employed", the main motor and propeller in the village — a strong collective farm, everything else in the general bogie. Without strong government programs and practical development (not in words but in deeds) of the social sphere in the country we do not reverse the situation. It must understand all the levels of the higher authorities. Here is where is our national heritage "Gazprom", if we are still without gas? 

Of course, we do what we can, continues the director. For the year built or renovated 14 apartments, renting the fall of the new triplex house in Postanogov. 

   Guests walk, look — comfortable, compact, robust, next will smallholding, there is water and sanitation. The farm road your squad with a full set of equipment, all of the local landscaping and roads — on it (and, again, on the cost of production). Helps farm school, kindergarten, medicine — and without it, without optimism we can not survive, say villagers themselves. 

Head of Administration Vitaliy Trefilov (right) passes to machine a new combine 

Nytvensky district, like many others, did not pass the post-Soviet dashing share. "Treating 60,000 hectares — is now only 30,000," says Raphael Z. Kadyrov, in those years, the first secretary of the District Party Committee Nytvensky. — There were 11 full-blooded households, five are left today. " 

 "And yet the hope for the revival of the village did not go out, have continued to the present head of the district administration Vitaly Trefilov. — Over the past two years, built and commissioned three dairy farms on 240 goals, four more repaired with replacement of equipment. On grain yield and feed on milk yield area in the top three next to Perm and Kungursk. Everyone knows the success of one of the best farms in the edge of LLC "Sherya." Work optimism, youth, faith, hope, and work is currently helped by the village, but new efforts and strong government support are needed as never before. "

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