The Peoples Liberation Army of China opened the curtain of secrecy about some of their own abilities

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is being improved. She acquired an aircraft carrier, has developed a very little one drone and stealth fighter and gain experience in public relations (PR).

During a trip to China the French military reporters in September last year, General Chen Zhou, the founder of the Chinese defense official report (white paper), deployed in March, said: "We are trained military transparency, but it can not happen overnight. Also She has a limitation because we can not expose the threat of the government. " For example, during a tour of journalists there was no mention of Taiwan, the aircraft carrier rockets or gallakticheskoy programmke country.

10 members of the French Association of Military Journalists visited the part of the PLA initiated during their trip. The group visited the 24th Airborne Division near Beijing and Shanghai naval base. After that she went on the road to high-speed steel placing 179th Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the Military Academy in Nandzhinge (Nanjing).

Cyclical theme of the affected owners of the visit was technological the gap between China and the West. General Chen said that "the PLA has technological gap 25 — 30 years. We have not even finished the process of mechanization and now we have to move into the digital age. Digitalization of military equipment is our greatest technological challenge. "

General Qian Lihua (Qian Lihua), director of the Bureau of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Defence, said: "Our technological resources and talents behind the Western countries. We are still in the initial phase of digitalization." He added: "We want to Euro Union countries so that sold us the highest technology."

Now this seems unlikely because of the embargo imposed by the European Union in 1989 after a bloody executions over the Chinese demonstrators at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In December last year, the chapter on external relations of the EU Member States, Catherine Ashton (Catherine Ashton) wrote in his own report on the strategy towards China that the embargo is a "major obstacle" to improving relations. Not surprisingly, as Qian agreed that "if the embargo would be lifted, it would assist cooperation between China and the EU."

Before the static demonstration fighter Chengdu J-10 commander 24th Airborne Division, Brigadier-General Yang Feng (Yan Feng), said that in the next decade, he would like to get the plane "with the ability to do what the driver wants." He may have had in mind the J-10, which owns the smallest actual capacity than previously stated.

At the naval base in Ningbo (Ningbo), to the south of Shanghai, Captain Hu Wei Hu (Hu Wei Hua) said that "the main force of the PLA Navy is our spirit and our greatest weakness is technology and technical properties. We must raise technological level to bridge the gap with France, Britain and, at first, with the United States. "

He believes that China's "lagging for a generation in aircraft" and said the Navy "will take time" in order to catch up with other large fleet. "As a country, a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations, we have to meet their own role," he said, implying that an increase in economic power China it should not be the only permanent member of the Security Council that do not have operational aircraft carrier.

Modesty Chinese officials regarding technological capabilities does not match the Chinese defense official report, notes that "due to fundamental technological breakthroughs … in China has developed new strategic sectors and high-tech military industry in different areas," among them "aviation, electronics, information technology and special technical equipment … Besides, "was focused introduction and development of nuclear energy and gallakticheskoy technology for peaceful purposes."

Western diplomats in China believe that China is likely to lag behind the West in terms of technology for 5-10 years, although it is difficult to ascertain. They also believe that a certain concern voiced by the Pentagon report to Congress in 2011, the year of military development China, that is related to technology, is alarmist.

The official military budget China in 2010 amounted to 532.1 billion yuan ($ 83.3 billion), 7.5% growth compared with 2009, the year of letting the general difficulty of 1.4% of GDP. The European observers in the range of plausibility of these figures. Pentagon officials beating the alarm, but according to Chinese official reports 34.04% of the budget goes to improve the criterion of life fighter, 33.73% came from training and maintenance service of the equipment, and 32.23% — for the purchase of the latest technology. European diplomats confirm that this year's major payments non-commissioned officers were up 40% and 20% — the officers.

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