The planet on which life is possible

For the first time in the history of space exploration scientists have been able to find a planet and to confirm its existence, where life is possible. With a report by a group of scientists that works with the Kepler telescope.

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This telescope was launched into space in 2009. His task is to search for planets that are similar to Earth and fit for life. Open an extrasolar planet called Kepler-22b. Its orbit takes place in the habitable zone around a star similar to the sun. This star is less bright than the sun.

Scientists were able to determine that the radius of the planet is 2.4 times the radius of the earth, but the most important thing in the world is very favorable conditions for life and for the possible existence of liquid water.

The distance from its star Kepler to less than from the Earth to the Sun. But given the fact that the brightness of a star smaller than our sun, the scientists suggest that the surface temperature of the planet is -11 ° C. And if you take into account the greenhouse effect caused by the existence of the atmosphere, the temperature will be 22 ° C.

Scientists can not draw any conclusions about the composition of the planet, but suggest that, similar to Neptune, Ocean and consists of a small solid core. More detailed information on the composition can be made only after the scientists can more accurately calculate the mass of the planet.

Planet from the Earth 600 light years, or 128 million kilometers, and a full circle around its star, it makes for 290 Earth days.

Kepler-22b — the first confirmed planet. This is the first step toward finding Earth-like planets. Scientists have previously found such planets, but their planetary nature is not confirmed yet and is under investigation. Ongoing research and Kepler, and perhaps soon we will be known for more details on this planet. But even if it is detected any life, to get to this planet until we can not.

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