The poles

Until now it was thought that increasing the temperature of Earth's oceans, caused by global warming, and thus raising sea level, has no appreciable effect on the position of the poles.

The researchers developed a climate model in which, by 2100, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will double from the present.
The authors showed that the temperature rise of the oceans will increase the depth of water cover in the coastal shelf areas, writes
Gradually, this phenomenon will lead to an annual shift of the earth's axis by 1.5 centimeters. North Pole shift toward Alaska, and South — in the direction of Hawaii. The final effect is not very pronounced, but it must be taken into account in forecasting the effects of global warming.
The Earth's axis is tilted relative to the vertical at 23.5 degrees. The shift of the earth's axis due to changes in the mass distribution on the surface of the Earth.


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