The police do not believe the attack on the Russian embassy terrorist attack

In Minsk police opened a criminal investigation into the incident in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. Who is behind the incident, and how it can impact on the Belarusian-Russian relations?

Alexander Lastouski the press service of Minsk police reported that the police Central District is doing everything possible to find those who on August 30 after 10 pm tossed into the territory of the Russian Embassy bottle of energy drink "Shake" with a combustible mixture and a wick. Injured ambassadorial "Mazda", no people have suffered.

"It is believed that this act of hooliganism committed two people whose personalities are trying to find out. A criminal case under article 339 — is hooliganism. And now carried out a wide range of operational and vyshukavyh events. "

When asked why the case was opened on hooliganism, and not an attempt to attack, Alexander Lastouski said that "as long as that of the information held by law enforcement, it's just an act of hooliganism."

The new building of the Russian Embassy in Minsk is on the street Novovilenskaja near Komsomolsk lake. Embassy surrounded by a fence of metal bars that are easily visible through the whole area. The space is also open to the fence. Hang on the building surveillance cameras.


Former military, prominent opposition politician Statkevich does not believe in the usual bullies who are not afraid in front of the Russian embassy to throw bottles with "Molotov cocktails." According Statkevich, now the opposition does not have to lament the Russian, Alexander Lukashenko harshly criticized because of policies tends to the version that it worked Belarusian or Russian intelligence services.

"If this is done supporters of the government of Belarus, the only team from the top. And the second version, which seems less likely, is that this Russian security services have decided to look for an excuse to further deterioration of relations. But the more I lean towards the first version. See, they say, as the Belarusian people are dissatisfied with what you are up against our "father."

Gregory Kastusyou

A possible candidate for president of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou resents those who ordered this act.

"This is not normal when such things happen, it's a violation of all international norms. These people I would call "morons", no more. But I think this is not the behavior of some bullies, but the result of pro-regime Games in Moscow and Minsk. Most likely, the answer to the "Godfather 1-3."

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich described the incident as "a provocation of forces that would like to further confrontation between Belarus and Russia", while the majority of Belarusians for "good relations with Russia," says the politician.


"We need to build these relationships, build on a different basis. Not in secret agreements or allied states incomprehensible. And once again I will say that the Belarusian opposition I do not know of any groups that would like so could "build a relationship" with our strategic neighbor. "

Russian Foreign Ministry called the incident a "blatant act" and expressed hope that the Belarusians will conduct a comprehensive investigation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, commented the incident, which occurred on August 30 at the Russian Embassy.

"This is a criminal hooliganism, which is directed against common sense and the Belarusian-Russian relations. We hope that those responsible will be severely punished, and inevitably, in accordance with the law, "- said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Savinykh.


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