The presence of the beard is directly related to the combat effectiveness

Studies show the Pentagon — the presence of a beard is directly related to battle efficiency!

TAMPA, Fla. — Forget the modern equipment, weapons or sophisticated guidance systems. New Tool Enters Service with combat units, this beard.

In the report, the research team placed Xegis Solutions says that beards are directly related to battle efficiency.

"We took 100 people, 25 people from the special forces in what had beards and 25 commandos have any beards were not, 25 of the standing army, who were allowed to grow beards for research and the last 25 were from the standing army without beards. All 100 participated in the military engagements in Afghanistan. "

The results of research were cool from 50 fighter with beards, no one was injured or killed, their accuracy have been significantly higher than that of a fighter without beards. In any fighter in no beards was the highest level of personal failure and guns with them all time some shit happened.

CENTCOM, wasted no time in creating new rules that compel men to grow beards.

Commander, General James E. Mattis issued a statement to all the troops in combat zones.

"It is time for the armed forces to accept the facts, and the facts are that the beard rescue lives. "

"In light of this disk imaging, we will ensure that all the men wore at least the last one inch of hair on your face at all times. Apart from that though what the lady that can grow facial hair, it is recommended to do the same."

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