The prisoners could be fingerprints


22.11.12.FSIN started using the system remote control of prisoners: those applied every two hours of thumb for identifying a special instrument.

As the "MK", the experiment has already been launched in several prisons, including Murmansk settlement colonies number 4. Many prisoners serving sentences here, work on the so-called "lead-objects" — outside the zone. Still had to almost every such prisoner fasten guard, and now it's not necessary. In enterprises employing convicts installed special sensors. Every 2 hours, according to the schedule, the prisoners observed, putting the thumb to the fingerprint sensor fingerprint. At this time, CCTV operator, which is in the colony, fixes the signal. On his computer monitor displays information on the conviction and is avtoslichenie prints. If "fingers" do not match, an alarm is triggered.

The new system will increasingly employ prisoners in the firm. By the way, businesses see the prisoners great staff — they always sober, hardworking and punctual.

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