The program Stanislav Shushkevich

Statehood, democracy, the market — the path to prosperity

Not reforms led to the collapse, a lack thereof

Our country fell into a deep crisis, and the initial conditions were better in Belarus than in many other post-communist states. Following the example of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, we could quickly move to a democratic society, civilized market relations, and now people would live better. It seemed so be it.
We have laid the foundations of statehood: declared independence, the policy of neutrality and have-nots, have established good relations with its neighbors. More than 100 countries have officially recognized. To prevent a catastrophe from the uncontrolled collapse of the Soviet Union, we have initiated the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which has helped to keep the vital links between countries with common historical destiny.
The construction of the new economy. Created cooperatives, rental firm, the first farm economy, standard of living was higher than in neighboring countries. Everyone remembers how they came to Belarus by product. Laid the foundations of the spiritual revival of the nation, returned to zhtstsya historical national symbols, expanded the scope of their native language, began to come out of independent newspapers and magazines.
After the adoption of laws on property rights, entrepreneurship, foreign investment, enterprise and banking activities needed at least another two decisive steps to market — People's privatization and stabilization of the Belarusian monetary system. Would then be provided with adequate space to create a new economy for the benefit of man.
Why did not it happen? Mainly because it is impossible to reform the hands of those who are not interested in them. You can not make the market for the common people, while maintaining the privileged distribution system for management. The market is not compatible with a huge bureaucracy. Nomenclature felt the threat of losing a warm place. Most of it is not able to work in a new way, does not want to make a living by hard work, as the common people, so she rebelled against the reforms. The conservative core of the Supreme Council already two years slowed the Law on Privatization and to date has not done anything to stop inflation. Nomenclature tore down all of sprody Democratic deputies, including the Chairman of the Supreme Council, the upgrade decision-making structures to give new powers to people who know what to do.
As a result of economic reforms announced happened. The old economic system is falling apart, the new is created. Most of the population in the eyes of the impoverished. Over the past 12 months, prices have gone up by 21 times, well ahead of wage growth. During the years of this government, industrial production decreased by half, the same happens with agriculture. Belarus' foreign currency debt is approaching $ 2 billion.
Acquired monstrous proportions hidden unemployment, theft of state property crime. Attempts to fight against officials of thieves, require major changes in the government's resignation ended Shirkovskogo, Egorova finally Shushkevich. Now the government is able to manage both Kebich wanted. I here are the results: 3 months rate of the Belarusian "bunny" in relation to the dollar and the Russian ruble fell by 4 times, prices have tripled, capital exported abroad, come complete financial collapse. Instead of implementing the agreement with Russia on September 6 last year the government to give their candidate a fake election trump card in the game, signed a new agreement to merge monetary systems, which is made so unprofessional that he can not bring any economic benefit to any party. Loss of independence, got lost in the conversion, dependent on Russian concerns province — the share of which has prepared us a command. I is rather advantageous for Belarus equal alliance with Russia on the basis of a comprehensive international agreement on friendship and supratsovniiggve between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, whose idea was formulated in the communiqué of the meeting and S.S.PIushkevicha B.M.Eltsyna January 11, 1994.
Enough to speculate on the feelings of ordinary people, their natural desire for friendship Slavic republics! No one is against the very close relations with both Russia and the Ukraine. But criminal introduce people to err, to prepare him bondage, selling independence in order to save the cozy armchairs bunch nedeyazdolynyh, bankrupt politicians. The range of wants, as before, to keep the common people in servitude. I though at the time managed to constitutionally and legally declare the basic political rights of citizens, but in fact they are oppressed by the executive branch, which has monopolized the media, subordinated formally independent court and prosecutor's office. I now the government's presidential candidate prevails in print and broadcast, displacing the other candidates, which, in addition, pour dirt together government publications. But people are not what they used to, he felt his dignity and the need to sort out the lies, and where the truth is, what path leads to a dead end, and what — to a better life.

For the well-being will lead a civilized market

Belarus — a country of hard-working and savvy people. It is necessary to untie their hands free for management, to give property by abolishing the legal restrictions and bureaucratic obstacles. In short, give everyone a chance with their work, initiative, enterprise ensure the welfare of himself and his family. I then men turn Belarus into a flourishing land. Pursuing a policy of radical reforms with the participation and support of the entire population, in two years we will provide economic growth. I three or four years, the world will be talking about the Belarusian economic miracle of a free and prosperous life of its people.
Here are the main provisions of the economic part of the program, which, incidentally, has formulated eight months ago in the report of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of S.S.Shushkevicha the session "Ways out of the crisis of the Republic of Belarus socio-economic situation":
— Immediately stop inflation and create a workable financial system based on a convertible currency (if Russia does not agree with the union of the monetary systems in an equitable way, then we introduce the money). Strong money will stop the rise in prices will give stability and confidence in the future;
— Change tax policy to a minimum to reduce taxes to stimulate production. High taxes dictated by the excessive cost. Therefore, reducing government spending by one-third, but retain and even increase spending on education, science, culture, health care, elimination of the consequences of Chernobyl. Oblige all state institutions, local authorities publish the results of the execution of their budgets, the income and expenses of both the state and its institutions were in sight. Most of the tax reserve in the local budgets:
— People stop by the privatization of "nomenklatura grabbing" and quickly create a significant non-public sector economy. Effectively control the state property. Eliminate obstacles to the free economic activity of all enterprises, regardless of ownership. State regulation is solely at the macro level and through taxes. Undo the most litsenziy_i_ quotas;
— begin structural reform of agriculture, focusing on world prices and a new multi-structural agricultural system based on competition pry.povnay freedom of choice forms of management and belongs (collective farm, farm, farmer, cooperative, agro-processing corporation, etc.);
— foreign policy aim to maintain and expand markets and sources of supply, reduction of external debt, the promotion of foreign investment and the introduction of modern technology. We provide a perspective free movement across borders of people, goods and capital. All possible means
to work for the entire CIS payments and a customs union and a fair, equitable relations with Russia;
— Strongly update and shorten. structures of power and open the way for new talented professionals, create mechanisms for precise enforcement of laws — the state provides the law and order of economic activity;
— implement targeted (aimed primarily at disadvantaged, those who are more difficult) policy immediate financial support to the population, to help adapt to the new conditions of life, inter alia, pass the part of state property to the pension fund, fully compensate the impairment of deposits from the public and real checks.
As a result, the program is well-organized cost-effective public sector will complement the significant private mobile, the economy will present a free host, who will care about the prosperity of businesses, investments and will work on the basis of long-term goals. Our citizens feel themselves masters of their own land and factories.
The owner will be the foundation of economic prosperity and stability. In one year, there will thousands of small and medium-sized companies in the production of food and consumer goods. This will create thousands of new jobs with good pay for the young and those who are cutting back unprofitable factories. Freedom will cause economic investment and construction boom. Will not only build houses, a, and small manufacturing enterprises, communications, and this, in turn, will revitalize an entire industry of building materials. Investment policy and especially permission to use the money from privatization in the respective regions, revive economic activity in all regions. In turn, the reduction of taxes and subsidies to producers, will redistribute the money in favor of consumers through a substantial increase in grants, pensions and salaries, but in sync with the growth of production. At the minimum wage in the $ 4 can not stop inflation, purchasing power is not increased, and without it, businesses do not earn. We have calculated the opportunity in half a year to reach the level salary of 100-150 dollars. Increasing salaries will increase purchasing power. And if you have something to buy, and then the final products are in demand — earn factories.
Strong money, smart taxes, freedom of management, good earnings, the stimulation of savings, financial discipline will lead to the stabilization and growth of the Belarusian economy, the rich will make everyone who is willing and able to work, provide adequate standard of living to all those who have faithfully fulfilled his or unable to Make yourself (pensioners, students, disabled, etc.).

How to build a state for human

Until now, the state (ie bureaucracy) reigns over our identity. The common man remains free labor force. Our task — to create such conditions that the citizen's rights and freedoms have an advantage over those of the state. The main purpose of the state — to protect rights. The state must guarantee truly equal opportunity and freedom of all gaspadarchai.
The main provisions of our program of nation-building:
—policing and the fight against zlachynnasitso raise the European level. Eliminate contradictions in the legislation and weaknesses that contribute to corruption. Law enforcement agencies need to defeat organized crime and to stop corruption. We will not skimp on the provision of law enforcement. As a result, ensure the security of citizens and their property from crime and bureaucratic vsedazvolu;
— create favorable conditions for the formation of a multi-party political system. Complete the constitutional reform by adopting the law on elections, and immediately hold democratic elections for a new parliament. Let us take the law on local authorities to allow citizens to exercise genuine self-government. We give them the opportunity to choose the heads of local authorities and give them adequate powers to effectively manage the development of the territories;
— ensure the establishment of civil peace, the implementation of social change through constitutional means, equal rights to all trade unions;
— will be targeted to revive and develop in the context of contemporary culture Belasco and honor the history of Belarus. Pay more attention to the patriotic, moral education of young people, oudem strengthen the tradition-friendly to all our neighbors, other nations. The state will guarantee genuine freedom of expression and independent media activities;
— We extend the path to true independence of Belarus, independence of its foreign policy. Achieve that Belarus became an equal partner in the world community. We continue to actively initiated after independence the process of comprehensive integratsgi Belarus to Europe. We will strengthen the already established good relations with Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other countries of the CIS and the Baltic States;
— Ensure consistent and irreversible steps toward neutrality and byazyadernastsi. I continue to not allow the participation of Belarus in military conflicts. We returned our children to serve in Belarus — then they will serve. Try to achieve the recognition and guarantee of neutrality on the part of the leading countries of the world.

What is special about the program

First of all, a healthy society is reliably ensured the rule of law and law. The President will be the guarantor of democracy, freedom and order. Established an honest, moral politician. Instead, the government will control the range of energetic team of professionals who are able at short notice to lead Belarus out of the crisis. This will create a system in which all the officials realize that they are citizens and receive a salary from padatkaplatselynchykav.
Second, the economic legislation consistently reconstructed on the basis of the liberal economic concepts to create a coherent system of laws of direct action that will give equal chances to all, both at the time of privatization, as well as in the conduct of business.
Third, allows rapid pace of reforms and comprehensive arrangements for the implementation of steps: overcoming the crisis — in the beginning of 1995, the stabilization — in the course of 1995, economic growth — since 1996. Priorities: the first phase — controlling inflation at the end of 1994 to 10.7 percent in the month, the reorganization of energy-intensive and inefficient enterprises, privatization and restructuring, the second stage — the financial stabilization, the emergence of a substantial private sector, creating conditions for investment, business recovery, the third steps — restructuring, improving the standard of living. The main task at all stages — improving the competitiveness of Belarusian goods.
Fourth, is determined and justified refocusing the industry on human needs, not the military-industrial complex and rapidly created the welfare society. Our policy — economics for a man and we will provide all the necessities.
Fifth, guaranteed global support for Belarus and the establishment of equal and mutually beneficial relations with its neighbors.
Despite the disastrous state of our nation, we must not give up and lose hope. We are not the first who was in a very serious condition. All civilized nations are hard-working and find a way out. I, we suggest that you take the road in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Your choice depends on the future of Belarus, the future of each of us and our children. We must act decisively and consistently. If we are all energy, all the resources, all the effort, all the intelligence of the nation direct the work, the creation of zkanomiki to humans, the country will be able to bloom in three years. Enough hesitation, no turning back, no help — neither the Russian nor Western — will not save us. Only we roll up our sleeves, we can create a miracle. All the world to work!

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