The Prosecutor's Office issued a warning to Yaroslav Bernikovich

The Company's Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF, an activist of the "For Freedom!" Jaroslav Bernikovich affected the efficiency of prosecutors. As well as the working methods of the Prosecutor's Office, which warned of violating the law on mass events without revealing the fact of the offense.

In an official document, which Mr. Bernikovich received 6 hours after talks with the Acting Attorney I.S.Valyntsom, says that the activist can bring to justice under Article 23.34, if he will continue to hold unauthorized mass action.

It was an unauthorized action, according to the head of the ideological department of the executive committee Mikhail Gluboksky Cherepkovskaya bard festival was dedicated to the memory of Larissa Heniyush. "Ideology," wrote a complaint to the prosecutor's office, there to give legal assessment of the act Bernikovich Jaroslaw, who was one of the organizers of the festival.

However, the actual celebration and bard was not: the event was scheduled for the 25th of July in the program of the festival of the parish of St. Anne near a church in the village of Mosar. However, shortly before the priest Vladimir Shimukovich reported that prohibits concert. Jaroslav Bernikovich saw just before the priest had a conversation with the head of the ideology department Mikhail Cerenkov and chairman of the village council Vdelskaga Victor pocket.

The format of the concert had to be changed: instead organized a concert to arrange a friendly party on the lake.

For singing around the campfire prosecutors no one brought to justice, but has responded to the "signal" of the executive committee, Yaroslav Bernikovich warning for the future.



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