The prototype locomotive GRANITE passes the acceptance and certification tests

The prototype locomotive with asynchronous traction drive "GRANITE" (Series 2ES10), a joint Russian-German company "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region), went on trial in the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT, g . Scherbinka, Moscow region).
This was preceded by commissioning and factory acceptance testing, during which were tested:
correct placement of the equipment and the distribution of the load on each axle locomotive
operation of all electric systems, and components supplied by "Siemens".
Electric locomotive "GRANIT" has already been part of the pre-test in the locomotive depot Ekaterinburg-sorting and successfully completed a test drive for the Sverdlovsk railway.
March 4 "GRANITE" went to Scherbinka, where he will run on an experimental five-thousandth ring VNIIZhT, acceptance and certification tests, according to an official press release of the Group "Ekaterinburg".
2ES10 locomotive traction on the main characteristics of almost two times higher than the existing electric DC, in particular VL11 series, with lower life-cycle costs by 20%. He is able to drive trains weighing up to 10 tons and is unique in the whole of 1520 mm.

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