The rains have brought down part of the German island in the sea

Because of incessant rains a huge piece of rock on the island of Rügen (Rugen) in the national park "Jasmund" collapsed into the sea. No people have been injured, but the collapse of the chalk cliffs of 30 thousand cubic meters of worried scientists are warning that the coast should expect new large landslides.

This year, the amount of precipitation that fell on Ruegen, well above the norm, writes the German edition of The Local. Only in June, per square meter of the island had about 210 liters of water, which is about a third of the annual rate. And in the last year on the island turned double the annual rate of rainfall. Commenting on the weather situation, a meteorologist Kreibich, Stefan (Stefan Kreibohm) called it "extraordinary."

Over the past few years on the island have already been large landslides as a result of which even affected one of the attractions: the rock throne. For this reason, Rugen often announce warnings to tourists about the dangers of visiting the unstable regions, according However, despite the possible threat to the park, "Jasmund" (Jasmund National Park) attracts 1.5 million visitors.

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