The Red Planet has saved us from death




Scientists believe that mankind is facing imminent death, if it were not overshadowed Mars.

35 centuries ago, Venus was a comet which emanated from the depths of Jupiter. The land would surely have been erased from the map of the sky, though not in the way of a comet got Mars. The atmospheres of the two celestial bodies collided. Began a terrible fight, and the Red Planet won. But at what cost?
On Earth, the moon and there were powerful disaster that changed the composition of their atmospheres, geography and climate. Even worse had to Mars. "If there was life, since she was gone," — concludes the author of the controversial hypothesis, the famous Russian-born American scientist Immanuel Velikovsky.
This idea was further developed at a recent scientific conference "Science and the Future: Ideas That Changed the World", held in Moscow under the chairmanship of Academician EP Velikhova and Professor SP Kapitsa.

Velikovsky's theory of the birth of the dramatic, like the rest of his life, — says one of the participants, MSU professor Leonid Speranskii. — In life, he was far more opponents than supporters.

Immanuel Velikovsky ours, native author. He knew many languages, but the Russian end of life remained his mother tongue. Immanuel with a gold medal in Moscow, graduated from high school and dreamed of becoming a doctor. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University. Soon after the revolution, he emigrated to the West. Many years working as a doctor, studied psychoanalysis, and all the free time to the study of ancient languages and translations of texts, whose age has passed for two thousand years. In this lesson, Dr. Velikovsky did well enough that he soon became one of the world's leading experts in this field.

For every scientist has a "Hamlet" issue. In Velikovsky he, too, was, when in Palestine appeared the Dead Sea? With this issue, and began his hypothesis. In the biblical book of Genesis about him not a word. It seems that in those days, when Abraham and his men came to the promised land, the Dead Sea was not. Then there were five cities, including Sodom and Gomorrah, later destroyed by the explosion. First the Dead Sea is mentioned in the Book of Joshua, in the place where it is said his troops crossing the Jordan. For a long time it was thought that the age of the sea — from 50 thousand to a million years. But, according to the latest data, where it is younger — no more than five or six thousand years. It might appear at the time when the fire and the flames died Sodom and Gomorrah.

According to the Bible, when the morning dawned dull, a miracle happened. Waters flowed wall, split in half and draining out in different directions. Israelis, without delay, began the crossing, and when the Egyptians flocked after him, the water covered the Pharaoh's army, and it was lost in the maelstrom. For the Jews, of course, it was a clear demonstration of the power of the god Yahweh, who took them under his wing. But if not divine power rearing water, and then cast them back to how could this happen?

Sea water could cock up under the force of gravity of the comet approached the Earth — says Princeton University professor, advisor of NASA's space chemistry of planets John Linkovets. — And the sea became shallow. Then came in contact with the Earth's atmosphere and the cloud of the comet. Friction arose from a giant spark discharge occurred, and othlynuvshie water back to shore.

Such stories did not occur only in the Sinai desert. A similar tradition of Velikovsky will find among the peoples of Ancient America: a local tribe, fleeing the persecution of the stronger enemies, managed in the same way to overcome water obstacles, and the pursuers were killed. What is the cause of the accident?

Rereading American manuscripts, Velikovsky drew attention to the fact that they persistently repeated the name of the planet Venus. Maya called Venus shaggy, hairy, tailed star. This coincides exactly with the way is called a comet. Coma in Latin means "hair."

From other "moving stars" Venus differed not only in size and brightness. The remains of its cometary tail sometimes took bizarre forms. Pallas Athena was depicted with a variety of bulky helmet linings, decorations in the shape of feathers. Altered the planet Venus (Isis, Ishtar) depicted with horns. His Venus Quetzalcoatl peoples of Mesoamerica were in the form of a serpent covered with feathers. The Indians were afraid of Venus. Once she appear in the sky, as in the homes be shut doors and windows, even chimneys: it was believed it could infect human evil sickness. At the same time, the peoples of Mesoamerica, Venus was worshiped until the beginning of XIX century brought her human victims.

Relation to Venus in the Maya had a special, not something to other planets. At the end of the 52-year cycle of the Mayan gathered in one place waiting for doomsday. When it became clear that the end of the world will not, the Mayan-colorful barbaric ritual human sacrifices and then returned to normal activities in the belief that they released another fifty-two, comfortable existence. The same strange cycle, with a difference of only two years, was among the Jews. Every fiftieth year was considered their "anniversary".

But what might come or step at intervals of fifty or fifty-two years? Comet!

Where did she go in the coming days? Been ejected from the solar system? Habits of the "bouncer" was famous Jupiter: the approach of comets with their attraction, he enhanced their speed, making the cometary orbits in the hyperbolic, which is equivalent to removal of comets out of the solar system.

It is terrible to imagine what was waiting for our planet in a collision with an uninvited guest. Fortunately, the end of the world did not happen: Earthlings escaped with only disasters. The reason for this was Mars, who turned on the path of Venus. The clash was not a direct — touched the atmosphere. Shining lightning sparks. Earthlings took it as a battle of the planetary gods. From atmospheric friction born small comets, they were flying in front and on the flanks of Mars, glowing, flaming and seemed warriors in shining armor. Since then, the docile planet Mars becomes a symbol of military valor, feats of arms, menacing god of war.

Mars is a land overshadowed. He paid dearly for it: it has lost the atmosphere, the surface is covered with faults, giant volcanoes. If life existed on Mars, on the one and cut short.

"Pacification" of Venus took place gradually. Adopted child of the sun, no longer in the literal sense be a comet, long circled on an elongated orbit, where its celestial path crossed with paths of Earth and Mars.

Rapidly approaching the space age. Since the release of the ledger Velikovsky — "Worlds in Collision" was little more than a decade, and flew to the nearest worlds interplanetary stations equipped with ingenious devices. From space, they confirmed the rightness of Velikovsky's predictions. And on Earth, scientists accidentally discovered what had been predicted. One of these predictions — the planet Jupiter should emit radio noise. This statement is at odds with the orthodox opinion. Some of the most assiduous readers of Velikovsky — Albert Einstein — this time took the view Velikovsky skeptical.

And in early April 1955, at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's chairman to speak out of turn to scientists at the Carnegie Institution for sensational message: Found emission from Jupiter! Detection of Jupiter's radio noise was a complete surprise for Einstein. Velikovsky was right! Velikovsky Einstein says that he feels guilty before him. Now he is ready to assist him in carrying out any experiments. The conversation took place April 8, 1955. On April 13, Einstein suddenly felt ill and was taken to hospital where he died a few days later.

In 1961, it was found that the surface temperature of Venus is almost 600 degrees Kelvin. "We expect that the temperature is only slightly above the Earth — wrote F. Drake, the leading researcher of satellites and planets. — Although we do not agree with Velikovsky's theory, however, it is our duty to make a statement that he was right, and in view of these predictions offer an objective test and his other statements. "

Soon the two research centers — Navy laboratory in Washington and tracking station in Gouldstoune, California, came to the conclusion that the planet Venus is retrograde, ie, the opposite compared to the other planets rotate. This finding again confirms the view of Velikovsky's Venus as a planet with many anomalous characteristics. And to this day it is — one of the most mysterious planets among the open celestial bodies of the universe.

Velikovsky's prediction proved to be true, and the magnetic field of the Moon. A preliminary report on the study of lunar soil (magazine «Science», 19 September 1969.) Said that in crystalline rocks found residual magnetism, whose origin has not yet found an explanation.

As scientists have laughed over the statement of Velikovsky's that part of the world's oil formed from contact atmospheres of the Earth and comet flies! But in the early 1960s, Australian scientist AT Wilson came to the conclusion that something like this could really happen. This was followed by the opening of PV Smith: Gulf of Mexico oil lies in the later deposits, but before it was thought that oil was formed millions of years ago.

Recognition by Velikovsky came only in 1972, twenty-two years after the publication of "Worlds in Collision". He was invited to work at once two universities — Princeton and Harvard. He chose Princeton. Paphos lectures Velikovsky was reduced down to this. Global catastrophes do not just yesterday humanity, they can again repeat is our fault. The world has accumulated so many deadly weapons, it suddenly capable of destroying all life on the planet. That would be truly sad ending, as in the solar system Earth is the only shelter of life. Anyway, so far it is a sad statement to refute failed.


Prepared by Eugene Ivanov

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