The science of Feng Shui

Since ancient times, hair — Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional philosophy and science. Our ancestors built and settled in their homes are not in a chaotic manner, they all observed a strict system in housing. In all the ancient huts, the door is always cut in one direction, south.

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The cult of the sun, so it has long been known as the ancient Slavs, was preserved until that time, even when Russia adopted Christianity. Jari god of the sun, he favors in love, spring and fertility of the land. The most beloved pagan deity by ancient Russia was Jari.

Steady division could be seen inside the house, clear lines traced in every corner. Pantry should be to the left of the entrance, and denote female nature, which was considered a mysterious and mystical. That is why in the pantry never staged window.
Living is always located to the right of the entrance. In the southeastern corner of the room, were placed the images of saints, and in the opposite corner put a bucket or tub of clean well water. At the entrance to the living room on the left side always built oven, hung her cradle for babies to infant was always warm and cozy, and put a large table next to a large and happy family, with whom she loved to gather a few generations.

The windows in the living room never set on the north side, and the preference for the parties that went south or east. According to the ancient — Russian legends such plan brought to the owners good luck, peace, harmony and well-being in the house, and guarded from all evil, evil, evil spirits and different, that not only could hit home, but also the souls of men.

Our forefathers, doing all these simple rules, achieved peace and harmony, not only in his own soul, but also those who are together and lived near him. This is the main achievement of Feng Shui.

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