The Sea of Azov is observed unusual activity of parasites

The inhabitants of the Sea of Azov threatening parasites. According to Don scientists, the number of fish that hit the simplest in 2012 increased. This situation is not safe for aquatic fauna, is harmless to humans and is of great scientific interest.

Scientists Southern Scientific Centre of the Academy of Sciences for a week collecting samples for research in the Sea of Azov. Specialists in parasitology in Taganrog Bay butterfly net catching roach. Dead fish cast ashore, inside it was discovered a huge number of tapeworms. That did not happen, scientists say, many years.

"15-20 years ago was infected bream, in 2012, for some reason ram. Maximum accumulation of sick fish observed in the Pavlo-Ochakovo Spit. We selected about 500 fish, look over what parasites, how old, how they got to the ram who vector parasites . However, it is not dangerous to humans, but it is curious to science "- said the Chairman of the Southern Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Matishov.

Selected for research has dozens of samples. As they say parasitologists, fish unusually large size. Scientists suggest that this is likely to increase in the population of the world dangerous for marine organisms was due to climate change in the region of the Sea of Azov.

"Observation of high abundance of this parasite linked to climate change or natural events this season. Parasite is not harmful to human health", — assured Sc.D., Anna Kazarnikova parasitologist.

Ram — a fish that lives are usually closer to the bottom. Now, it is increasingly possible to see on the surface. Ichthyologists say that this is the first sign that it is infected. Increasing the number of tapeworms in the Taganrog Bay ekotsepochku influenced not only in water but also in the air. Carriers can not only fish but also birds that eat diseased fish.

In the chain can participate and pets that are in these places often feed from the water. Explore the impact of these worms in the animal world and the Sea of Azov is now planning to scientists of the Academy of Sciences. Long chain to be discovered in order to understand how to stop the unusual natural phenomenon.

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