The search for inner peace

Spring — a time difficult and painful restructuring of the body, preparing it for the new warm season. We wake up, like houseplants that have come out of winter hibernation state, and now stretch to the sun, sprout and gain strength for flowering. This is a very difficult time for our psyche — not by chance, most exacerbations of mental illness occurs most often in spring and autumn — in the moments when the invisible forces pushing nature to the powerful changes. And it is for us now is not out of place in the form of medication support a good sedative.

Spring — The traditional time of prostration, seizures irritability and fatigue. It can be associated with everything: with vitamin deficiency, the accumulated fatigue after the winter, depressed mood due to lack of sunlight, with depression, with some energy shocks, which occur naturally in time snowmelt. The fact remains — the inner harmony and a sense of calm in the spring melt with the snow, and do something about it, because irritated over nothing constructive.

Coping with stress one sees in his own way: someone writes to the gym and provides a good workout for the muscles — to "let off steam", someone finds a pleasant oblivion after serving alcohol, and someone with his head immersed in another reality — shopping , reading books, watching movies. Any means are good to raise vitality, provided that they do not undermine health and do not tear off our feet on the soil of reality — our success and adaptability in this world depends on our ability to see things as they are, without distorting and embellishing.

Achieve the pharmaceutical industry is also not remain on the sidelines — each of us knows, probably not less than five sedatives, from alcoholic liquors to serious money. Drugs represented on the shelves of pharmacies, are not only setting of the package and contents, but also the severity of the action. The effect of some drugs seem subtle, the other immediately sleepy, some even deprive us of the emotional-sensory perception, making a "cheerful robots" (and sometimes not bouncy). Instructions to many drugs are accompanied by a warning — it is not recommended to drive after taking funds.

The end justifies the means. Before selecting a sedative you have to understand what effect would expect from a drug. Most people want a little calm nerves, reduce the threshold of irritation, and it does not lose the sensuality and emotion that make our lives a sense of brightness of the present moment. In addition, most of the inhabitants of the metropolis seeks to remain active throughout the day — at work requires business and creative qualities.

It is for those who are looking for a way to unwind and relieve stress, without losing their activity and performance, Russian scientists have developed a drug tenotome. It imposes a stress-protective effect of the homeopathic nature, helping it easier to transfer the difficult moments of life. Tenotome is unique in its composition and the principle of influence — it is based on the ability of ultra-low doses of antibodies to S-100 to normalize the activation and inhibition in the brain. Preparation safe, it does not cause side effects and addiction.

Perhaps the reason for irritation is not about us and our response to the spring adjustment, and in some factor of the environment. Sometimes it is not easy to understand — we all have different sensitivity and intuition. Listen to yourself, to your feelings, pay attention to what point are you most nervous about — perhaps in this lies the key to the problem to eliminate irritability. And then will not need to look for ways to calm down, because the best way to calm down — do not get annoyed.

For questions related to the use of the drug "Tenotome", call the hotline: (495) 681-93-00, 681-09-30.

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