The second week the earthquake in Armenia

The second week the earthquake in ArmeniaAccording to the National Survey for Seismic Protection of Armenia (NSSP) in the evening on October 19, at 19:19 local time (18:19 MSK) in the country again was an earthquake. This time, the epicenter was located at 2 km. to the north-east of the city Masis (12 km. from the capital Yerevan). Propulsion in the epicenter was 4-5. Tremors were felt in Yerevan and Masis and Artashat. The possibility of damage and injury data structures do not.
Recall that on October 14 in Armenia, there was also an earthquake of magnitude 3.5, and in this case, its epicenter was in the vicinity of Yerevan, 10 km away. the village of Garni. Then Propulsion was also 4-5, tremors were felt in Yerevan force 3-4.

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