The seismic activity of the Earth: Disasters are just beginning

According, Earth has entered a phase of high seismic and volcanic activity, and in the near future we will have to go through new large-scale disaster.

In an interview chairman of the International Committee on Global Change and the geological environment GEOCHANGE (Germany), President of the Global Network of earthquake prediction (England) Elchin Khalilov warned the world's population of impending natural disasters.

According to scientists, a strong earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March of this year, as well as several major volcanic eruptions were the result of just one of the cycles of high seismic activity of the Earth.

Cycles of increased activity associated with the release of the Earth energy core and mantle. There are many periods, which are characterized by varying the strength and frequency (millions of years or months) of these emissions. According to Elchin Khalilov, the fact that the crust longer fluctuate after the devastating earthquake in Japan, does not mean that in the near future all will be easy — simply is the accumulation of energy that the new spill devastating natural phenomenon.

The seismic activity of the Earth: Disasters are just beginning

Diagram of seismic and volcanic activity of the Earth in 2011

According to specialists of the Global Network of earthquake prediction, in 2011, we are waiting for three periods of high seismic activity: with a maximum in the second half of June, October, and the most dangerous in power — from late December 2011 to January 2012. The last period overlaps with the popular story of the end of the world, supposedly the "destination" in the Mayan calendar in 2012.

Elchin Khalilov considers this pessimistic "prophecy" exaggeration, though, and says that for December 2012 will have a series of powerful earthquakes and destructive atmospheric and astronomical phenomena, which could lead to numerous deaths and flooding large areas, as well as failure of a number of systems satellite from solar flares. However, scientists do not see any changes in global geophysical and astronomical parameters that indicate impending destruction of humanity.

The most alarming predictions occur in 2013, when to expect the next solar maximum. During this same period, a maximum of 11-year-old, 22-year-old, 90-100 years and 300-year solar cycle. This could trigger a devastating crash on the planet.

The report of the International Committee GEOCHANGE notes that prolonged the beginning of the 24th cycle of solar activity may be indicative of a lull before the powerful solar storm, which is indirectly confirmed by a number of scientific observations, including a 500% increase in speed of the magnetic north pole. This means that the core of the earth has increased, as they say, and special research by NASA.

Elchin Khalilov stressed that the growth from the beginning of 2010 the number and strength of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and other disasters should be taken into account by international organizations and national governments are obliged to take measures to protect the population.

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