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2.02.12.V Karpushiha village is under Kirovgrad, is panic. No water in homes, or in social settings. Reservoir, Pete town, exhausted. In the spring there was flooding in the summer — rain, resulting in water just ended. Fill the storage can be only by changing the river bed. Community services for this have already begun, but quieter in the village died.

Two kilometers from the town are hard at work. Here the trees are cut down and break the ice — all in order to return to the village water. The water in the store that has fueled town over. Under the ice is not a drop. To fill the reservoir, just a little, it was decided to change the course of the river Shaytanka. No other choice. "Works have excavator, hydraulic breaker, which continues to operate on a channel of the river, the ice hammer. ICE places from 70 to 1.10. Void under the ice, no water. We managed to catch something, some amount of water. Water for two days in a village "- said the head of Kirovograd area Oblkommunenergo Stanislav Voronovich.

But this is only a drop in the ocean. Produced enough water for a couple of hours. Yes, and it will appear only on the first two floors of the three houses. In the village live almost two thousand people. No water in the apartments or in a shelter, either in school or in kindergarten. Head said the kindergarten, for his 60 years there has been such for the first time. "For two days we completely without water, the children did not take even. Then the water began to come regularly. Started making stocks gained in groups capacity and worked on this water, "- says the head of the kindergarten № 15 pos. Karpushiha Nina Rack.

Water in Karpushihe is only in the private sector, in the columns. Runs and a spring near the village. But residents fear that soon it will dry up. "The village lived troubled time. When people found out that there is no water, panic. Car came with drinking water. Guys with Oblkommunenergo yourself on the UAZ carted water in kindergarten, an orphanage, school, drove a jar. Additionally, sidle with drinking water from a technical. People came, dismantled, "- said the head of Territorial Administration Administration Kirovgrad urban district Catherine Elsukova.

Therefore, the hunt for the life-giving water is not stopped. In the village administration will schedule the transport of water. Tanks are emptied in minutes. Villagers rely only on the fact that utilities be able to change direction and Shaytanka store to fill with water.

It is possible that in the village will have to enter a state of emergency. Municipal services are not sure that their actions are meaningful. Most likely, the water returns to Karpushihu in March, when the snow begins to melt.

Alena Kalinina

Source: Lead Urals

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